New Date for Pig Farmers Training Workshop

November 16, 2015
First General Meeting of  Ghana National Association of Pig Farmers

First General Meeting of Ghana National Association of Pig Farmers

Interim executives of Pig farmers Association of Ghana had to Postpone the training workshop which was initially schedule to take place on the 21st of November due to the NDC parliamentary elections which was shifted from the 7th of November to the 21st of  November.

The minister and other invited speakers informed the associations secretary of the need to postpone the workshop due to the parliamentary elections

Two new dates were proposed for the training workshop. 4th December  and 23rd  January 2016. Members however opted for the 23rd January 2016 date to ensure adequate planning and publicity.

Pig Farmers Whatsup Platform

The Pig Farmers Association of Ghana has a very active whatsup platform that pig farmers and upcoming pig farmers can learn from. We advise all pig farmers to give out their number so that they can be added to the platform.

Please call Frank Danchie on 0244023322 to add you or leave a comment with your phone number.

We encourage all farmers to register and participate in the upcoming pig farmers workshop.


First National Training Workshop Scheduled for 21st November

October 28, 2015
Pig Farmers Executives meets Agriculture Minister

Pig Farmers Executives meets Agriculture Minister

In 2014, our task as executives was to meet the Minister of Agriculture and to organize a pig farmers training workshop. But after postponing the Pig Farmers workshop for close to a year, the interim executives managed to secure a central venue to host the training workshop on the 21st of November 2015 at the Conference Hall of the Institute of Applied Science, Legon.

Why the need for a Training Workshop

Pig farming is a really good business if it is done well. Before I started my farm in 2013, i researched on pig farming for almost two years. All the knowledge i gathered was only able to take me up to a point. The Economics of Pig farming  need to be understood by any pig farmer and prospective pig farmer in order to make any meaningful profit.

Also, majority of farmers are not able to raise their animals within six month. Ideally, you have to raise 100kg pig in six months, unfortunately, most farmers raise this weight in one and half or two years. Yes, the best you will get id 18 months for a 80kg animals. If you fall into this category, you have serious learning to do

Another major problem we face as farmers is that we are not able to differentiate between the kind of food we give our pigs. There are different types and quality to be given each class of pig. What you give the weaners should be different to what you give the growers and finishers. But in our part of the world, every body eat the same kind of feed. If we buy malt and our regular cassava peels, its ‘y3nko nkoaa’. Every body go chop am till it finishes. You are doing a very wrong thing, you are wasting time and money and you think you are doing farming. Come learn the right thing.

Some people complain about market for their pigs. All the relevant players in the Pig industry would be at the workshop. The pig suppliers to Shoprite will be there.


What medicine to you give your pig and at what age? What vitamins do they need to grow well. Come learn the easier way to grow your pig quick.

Below are some of the topics we are going to discuss at the workshop.

  • Brief History about Pig Farming in Ghana
  • Market Opportunity for Pig Farming in Ghana
  • Pig feed and Feed Formulation for all Ages
  • Pig Housing  – I.M.O Floor
  • Pig Farming Economics
  • Farm Record Management
  • Pig Health Management
  • How to achieve 100kg in Six Months

We shall finish the training program in one day. Participants are to register early.

Registration Fee

Every participant to the workshop will have to pay a token to help us meet the administrative cost of organizing the workshop. Registration fee of Gh150.00 must be paid before the 20th of November. Unlike the Ghana Poultry farmers Association that have been in the System for over 30 years, The Pig Farmers Association of Ghana is just two years old with most of the financial responsibilities lying on the Executives. Its our intention to hold a national congress  in February next year so we can blend with other pig farmers association nationwide. We need a strong body to survive as pig farmers. So please help us to survive.

Mtn Mobile Money Can be sent to Frank Danchie on 0244023322       or save directly into the association accounts  below with your name       Account Name:  Pig Farmers Association of Ghana

Account Branch: Spintex Road

Account Number:   1010106536001

Bank: ADB Bank


Whatsup Platform for Pig Farmers

Are you a pig farmer or a prospective pig farmer, in order to learn more, create market avenue, we currently have a whatsup platform for pig farmers all over the country. So if you want to be on board, please leave a comment with your phone number and I will put you on board immediately.


I once bought a sow which had given birth from another pig farmer at Eyinam. Even though all the arrangement was done on phone and money transferred over mtn mobile money. I could not hide my shock when I saw the animal. It was a real “Skelewu” Pig and that

"Skelewu Pig"

“Skelewu Pig”

is what some of us are doing to this lovely creatures. Its more like a prison camp. We are definitely not doing something right. So please register on time so we can plan well, Nobody should rear a pig like this

Feeding Pigs and Making Profits from Your Pig Farm

August 30, 2015

agromacpigs2.jpgFeeding is one of the major challenges pig farmers face. Farmers with less than fifty animals tend to cut down on transportation  by using their private cars to cart food and also feeding their animals more of cassava and  malt.

I visited about five farms over the weekend at Adeiso and i realized majority used malt from Achimota breweries and fruit waste from Blue Skies. The only problem was the fact that all the animals from piglets to matured sow and boars ate the same feed. Such animals will unfortunately take close to 16 months before reaching 80kg. So what are you feeding your animals?

My Experience

My weaners are growingI bought some 50 pigs that were about 7 months old from a neighbor who decided to close down his farm because some thieves stole about 10 matured pigs from the farm. I reared these animals for another 6 months and they still weighed less than 20kg carcass. But their bones were matured.

My point is that the first six months is very important in the life of a pig. If your pigs are piglets in size by six months then you are in trouble. Meaning you will  feed them close to 20 months before you can get close to 70kg live weight. So Invest in the feeding of your weaned piglets.

Weigh Your Animals

It is best if you weigh your animals every two weeks or month ending to see if their conversion ratio of feed to meat is good. Animals with a low conversion ratio should be disposed off quickly.Failure to notice and correct this phenomena will make you loose much.One way of correcting this is by De-worming the animals and giving them multi-Vitamins and Iron.

How to Make Profit from Your Pig Farm

Most farmers are just playing games on their farm. Below are some points on how to increase the profitability of your farm

  1. Buy your feed in Bulk. It is better if you prepare your feed for the month or at least two month and cart them to the farm             rather than buying them weekly. It will save you transportation cost. If you can afford some small truck, buy one.
  2.  Connect pipe to your farm if water is a problem.You increase cost if you buy water for your farm animals .
  3.  Feed your animals well especially the piglets. You can give them broilers starter for two months.  Make it a target to reach             100kg in one year.
  4.  Size is also very important. Start small but grow your farm to be able to handle 10 to 15 sows on the farm. Large number on             the farm reduce the unit cost of the feed and other fixed cost on the farm.
  5.    Get a cheaper source of carbohydrate and also feed all animals some level of proteins. Lack of proteins in diet leads to                 cannibalization especially sows eating all their piglets..
  6.   Weigh your animals before you sell.
  7.    Start with a good breed
  8.    Don’t Joke with Bio- Security
  9.   Get someone to stay on the farm or near the farm.
  10.  Keep proper records.

Pig Farming Outlook in Ghana. Challenges and Prospects

August 1, 2015
West Hill Mall

West Hill Mall

Pig Farming is very Profitable.

Pig farming is really becoming profitable for farmers this year. Pigs are still scarce and this has pushed up the price further. Presently middle men are buying carcass weight at Gh10.00/kilo and Live weight is going for Gh7.50/kilo. I don’t see farmers meeting the demand this year. From next year onwards, i think there might be enough pigs in the system to meet the demand looking at how  lots of farmers are expanding their farm to cash in on the high price in the market now.

Pig Robbers on the Loose

Yes, i wrote on this article before when some thieves stole pigs from my neighbors farm. They ended up selling all their animals and closing the farm. Two days ago, i got another call from a farmer on the Bawjiwase to Adeiso road, Topeaso to be exact.Ten animals were slaughtered in two different farms.So this is one of the challenges in Pig farming. So i will encourage pig farmers out there to please protect their investments. Get someone to stay on the farm. Provide some form of security on the farm else, they will harvest all your investments for you.

 Feeding Still a Challenge

Pig farmers are still finding it difficult to feed their animals well due to the high cost of feed on the Ghanaian markets. Its only a few farmers that are able to raise 100kg of pig in six months. Financial constraint is still a challenge for most farmers. Pig farming is money business. Because of this, most farmers rear their animals for close to 14 months before their animals reach 100kg. For farmers who need cassava chips for their pigs. Please call me. Its GH200.00 per tonne. Far better than using maize which is almost Gh1000.00 per tonne

Prospective Pig Farmers

In the past two months, a lot of prospective pig farmers are looking for concrete information before starting their farm. Its good to do research.I also did mine for about two years. But the most important thing is starting something. Yes. START.

You can improvise by starting with a strong wooding structure. At least 5 sows and a boar is okay if you don’t have enough cash. My only advise to you however is that try and avoid some of the mistakes we made by;

  • Start with a good breed. It will save you lots of trouble
  • Feed your animals well
  • Provide Bio Security on your farm
  • Protect your animals. Get someone to stay on the farm or near the farm

Pig Farmers Workshop

 Annual Meeting of Pig Farmers

Annual Meeting of Pig Farmers

That is the last project on my mind this year. We have postponed this workshop more than three times this year because of lack of funds. My hope is to finally organize it in the second week in October. Budget for this program is GH5,000.00.

I can’t raise this amount amount because of my over-chopping pigs.Sponsorship is urgently needed. So pig farmers out there, help us raise part of this cash and lets come and learn new ways of raising pigs bigger and quicker.

Pig Sty Design and Cost of Construction

June 20, 2015

I have received many request on Pig Sty design and construction cost recently and i will like to use this article to answer all questions relating to pig sty construction. When I started my pig farm in 2012,  i spent close to GH15,000.00 in constructing my pig sty which currently house 100 pigs.

Pig Sty Construction

Pig Sty Design

Pig Sty Design

The above design shows a simple layman design of a diagram of a pig sty. This design can house about 100 pigs. It measures 43ft by 32ft. It contains a store room. a male room and 5 large rooms for sows and piglets.Prospective pig farmer should always remember that pigs are not dirty animals. They always have a distinctive area in the sty were they eat, sleep and go to toilet so their drinking and eating area should be close. Water trough should also be in-line in case you want to do plumbing work to supply them water from a Polytank, it will be easy

It is important to build a reservoir to collect rain water if you don’t have tap-water on the farm. If you want to raise your herds to say 500 pigs, then you ought to build two more similar structure to the one above.

Construction Cost

Item Cost   (GH)
1 Cost of Digging 520
2 Cost of Casting Foundation 800
3 Stones     40 cubic ( 2 trips) 3000
4  Sand for Concrete and Plastering (2 trips) 1600
6 Sand For Filling (3 trips) 1500
7 Workmanship for filling 300
8 Workmanship for casting concrete on the floor after filling 1000
8 Blocks   (1500) 3000
9 Cost of Laying Blocks & Plastering 2000
10 Cement (100 bags) 3000
11 Wood for Roofing 3500
12 Roofing sheet 1500
13 Workmanship for Roofing 1500
14 Electricals Part and Workmanship 1000
15 Plumbing works and workmanship 1000
16 Cost of Wire gauze and net 1000
17 Cost of twelve Iron Poles to support Roof 1000
TOTAL 27220

If you add the cost of constructing  a reservoir and buying one polytank to the above, you are looking at roughly GH30,000

A decent pig farm would cost you that much. If you want to minimize cost however, you can consider the I.M.O pig farming which does not make use of concrete floor but rather saw dust. I will write on it in my next article.

Starting a Pig Farm, Mistakes to avoid

May 10, 2015
Pig Farmers Executives meets Agriculture Minister

Pig Farmers Executives meets Agriculture Minister

Starting a pig farm is one project that can bring satisfaction and joy to the farmers if it is done well.I quiet remember the happiness i felt when I started mine two years ago. It was experimental, just wanted to start something because i had researched for about two years. Downloaded a lot of pig farming stuff on you tube. But my first mistake was that i took the project as a hubby..Pig farming is a serious business that needs time, attention and cash.

Pig Farming is serious business.

Yes, Pig farming is serious business and nobody starts a business to loose.From the inception of the project, you should have it at the back of your mind that you are investing to make returns. In this business, volumes count if you want to see a meaningful return on your investment. So if you really want to make a meaningful returns, start with 20 to 50 sows so that you can increase your herds size to 500 within a year. Last month when i supplied 55 pigs to the Accra  mall, it got finished in one week. So if you want to enter into a contract to supply them for six month, then you can imagine the total number of pigs you should have. Pig farming has changed, so it is important that we increase our capacity to rear more.

Documentation is Critical

Most pig farmers do not keep any proper record. So how do you know if you are making profit or loss. Do you even know how much you spent on your animals per month. It is very good you develop the habit of recording from the onset because it will give you an idea on how to sell. The major areas that you should take record on in your farm are on the following;




Transport & Fuel



So at the end of every month, do your calculations and divide by the number of animals on the farm, it will give you an idea on how much you are spending on one pig in a month. You can go an extra mile to prepare an income statement for your farm at the end of the year.

Handle your piglets Well

If you are operating a farrow-to-finish pig farming, then you ought to handle your piglets well because that is one area most farmers overlook. Most farmers loose about one third of their piglets due to numerous reasons, sow eating all the piglets, sow sleeping on piglets and a lot of funny reasons. During my first year as a pig farmer, i lost almost half of my piglets and it affected my expansion project. If you have to construct or invest in a farrowing crates. Do so because it will save you a lot of piglets.

Find Alternate Source of Cheap Quality Feed

Feeding takes up almost 70% of the cost of raising pigs to maturity. To make any meaningful profit, it is important you find an alternate source of feed that is of high quality but also cheap. Farmers should find a cheaper source of carbohydrate and learn to mix their own feed. If you are a full time farmer, then you can gather any of the following to give to your pigs. You can also mix any of these with prepared feed. Presently, there is a guy selling 1 tonne of dried cassava chips at 100gh per tonne at Tema, if you want his contact, just give me a call.

Feeding Your Pigs with inexpensive good Feed:
1. Cassava root can completely replace maize as energy source for pig. It should be sun dried or socking for 3 days to remove the gynogenic glycosides.
2. Cassava leave is a good source of protein
3. Dry cassava peel (Cassava husk or covers) is also relatively high in fiber. Palm oil should be added to reduce it dustiness.
4. Sweet potato root can be shopped and sun-dried and use as energy source for pig and cooking improve digestivity
5. Sweet potato leave also provide a good protein source for growing pigs.
6. Green banana contain lignin and tanmins and should be shopped and cooked and given as part of feed.
7. Banana leaves and plantain leaves can be fed directly to pigs
8. Groundnut cake and palm kernel cake are good source of protein
9. Papaya leaves are excellent source of vitamins.
10. Papaya fruits excellent source of vitamins. Boil the green Papaya fruits before given it to pigs but the red Papaya fruits can be given to pigs directly.
11. Cocoyam leaves provide 25% of protein to growing pigs
12. Sugarcane plant as pig feed
13. Sugarcane leaves as pig feed

Don’t Ignore Bio-Security

Most farmers joke with Bio security. Its not that too expensive but most farmers joke with it until a major disease affects and wipe out all their herds before they start to ponder where the disease came from. So when constructing your sty, don’t forget to create a small area in front of the sty where you can place a disinfectant for workers or any other visitor to dis-infect their shoes before entering the pig farm.

Selling Your Animals

That is another area farmers take for granted. If you have records of your farm activities, then you should have a fair idea of the production cost of your animals. No Middleman should come to your farm and look at your animals and mention any outrageous price for you. At most to avoid any cheating, weigh before you sell your animals. Live weight is going for GH7.00 now and carcass weight GH9.5 per kilo

How to make Pig Farming Profitable?

April 27, 2015

I had a wonderful gentleman who made a cogent analysis of Commercial Pig farming in Ghana. I will encourage other Successful Pig farmers to give their experience as well. Not that i agree with what he said in totality, but the points he made is worth so much.

I’m commercial poultry farmer and I started commercial pig farming in Drobo-Brong Ahafo region recently. I started with 50 sows which will help me produce and sell 1,000 pigs/year.

But by my assessment, commercial pig Farming with commercial feed (average cost =940 GHC-1,200 GHC per tone) will not make this business profitable because of the low pig market price in Ghana (5.00-6.00 cedis per kg live weight).

The only way to make this commercial pig farming profitable in Ghana is to go into meat processing (sausage, hog dog, meat packaging, etc.) or feed your pigs with half inexpensive good Feed (see below ) and half commercial feed/feed formula (no more than 1kg/ day per pig).Feed them with free feed I call inexpensive feed and not paying any worker, doing the work yourself.

The other way to get money from pig farming in Ghana is to have a small farm ( 100-400 pigs). Those who keep saying they make money from pig farming in Ghana don’t know their exact production cost. They don’t even check or calculate the cost per tone, cost per pig for 1 month, two months or even the cost to produce 6, 7 or 8 months old pig. Some even keep their pigs for one year! How can they make money? A Pig eating 2kg formula feed, also called commercial feed will consume 60 kg of feed per month= 480 kg of feed within 8 months. 1kg of feed is 1GHC (Cheapest estimate) then you will be spending 480 cedis on one pig in 8 months. Where are the drugs, the labour cost per pig during the 8 months? How to sell this 8 months pig to make profit?

My advice feed your pigs with no commercial feed in order to make your business viable or go into processing if you have enough fund. I intend to go into pig processing with my 50 sow farm.

If you don’t have any job, you can try your time raising small number of pig and feed them cheap feed not formula feed and make little bit of money. If you factorize your time-free labour- and the feed cost per pig (from farrowing to finisher pig) you not making any good return.

Feeding Your Pigs with inexpensive good Feed:
1. Cassava root can completely replaced maize as energy source for pig. It should be sun dried or socking for 3 days to remove the gynogenic glycosides.
2. Cassava leave is a good source of protein
3. Dry cassava peel (Cassava husk or covers) is also relatively high in fiber. Palm oil should be added to reduce it dustiness.
4. Sweet potato root can be shopped and sun-dried and use as energy source for pig and cooking improve digestivity
5. Sweet potato leave also provide a good protein source for growing pigs.
6. Green banana contain lignin and tanmins and should be shopped and cooked and given as part of feed.
7. Banana leaves and plantain leaves can be fed directly to pigs
8. Groundnut cake and palm kernel cake are good source of protein
9. Papaya leaves are excellent source of vitamins.
10. Papaya fruits excellent source of vitamins. Boil the green Papaya fruits before given it to pigs but the red Papaya fruits can be given to pigs directly.
11. Cocoyam leaves provide 25% of protein to growing pigs
12. Sugarcane plant as pig feed
13. Sugarcane leaves as pig feed
14. Dead chicken from poultry farm use as meat meal= cut into pieces and given uncooked to pigs
15. other

We encourage pig farmers to cultivate banana, Cassava, and papaya, Cocoyam, Sweet potato, and sugar cane, etc. on their farms and use the pig manure to grow these cheap, free feed.

Hurray, Pig Farmers Association Supplies Pork to Accra Mall

March 29, 2015
Cold Van containing 588kg of Pork

Cold Van containing 588kg of Pork

After  chasing for the contract to supply the mall pork for about two years and actually signing the contract to start last December, I was finally given the green light to supply  15 pigs with carcass weight ranging from 50-70kg on 25th March, 2015.

Since I did not have the required weight, I had to travel to Mankessim for the animals. Delivery time was 10.00AM Wednesday morning. We set off  Tuesday night at about 11pm and got to the farm at 1.00AM.  Slaughtering started at 2.AM and oh my God, the work is not an easy one at all. Removing the hairs on the skin was quite tough for us because the water had not reached its boiling point. By 5.00Am, we had dressed only 3 pigs with 12 more to go. I quickly asked the farm owner to arrange for more butchers. He got additional three from the University.

Race against Time

By 10.00 we had only dressed 7 pigs so i quickly called my contact at the mall to tell him the delivery time of 10.00 would not be possible. I pleaded to him to allow me to deliver by 3.00pm. All he told me was that the gates would be closed by 4.00pm so i had to hurry.

By 1.00pm, we had 12 dressed pigs. I had to decide either to kill and dress 3 more and move or only to kill and dress one pig, I opted for the latter and by 2.00pm, we left the farm with the target of getting to the Accra mall latest by 4.00pm.

We were at Mallam junction by 4.00pm and I had to call again to plead for more time. He was furious but still urged us to hurry. We got to the mall at 4.30pm and I just wanted them to offload their pork for me to go home.

Offloading the goods

I was expecting the supervisor to call his boys to come for the pork, I how however suprised when I was told to bring the pork inside to be weighed. What about 4 boys carried and packed at the farm, I and my driver should offload and place on a scale 1m high.  Hmmmm, its not easy oooh, by the time I had carried 4  dressed pigs to the scale, I was panting like someone who had just completed a 100 meter race. After weighing, I was asked again to carry the dressed pork into their cold room and hang them almost three metres high. Walaahi!, that request I told them we cannot do. Since it was my first time too, I just asked one of their attendant to give us a helping hand.

We managed to weigh all the dressed pig and transferred them into their cold room. We had 588 kilogram carcass weight.  My first supply did not yield any profit. But the intention was to get the biggest opening for our pigs. What i supplied i learnt will finish on Friday meaning they consume 600kg in 3 days.

From my simple estimation, It can be deduced that Accra Mall need about 6000kg pork every month. Add the West Hill Mall and the Junction Mall to the equation, you are looking at roughly 16, 000kg worth of pork every month, this is equivalent to 320 eighty Kilograms pigs every month Read the rest of this entry »

Security on Your Pig Farm. Pigs Robbers on the Loose

March 2, 2015

It seems the demand for pork meat have caused some individuals to start the business of stealing pigs to supply. We woke up yesterday to realize that 10 huge pigs have been stolen from my neighbours’ farm. The thieves could not carry the animals live so they actually slaughtered them on the farm before transporting them away. His farm was about 2km from the nearest village with nobody on site.

His situation is not peculiar, majority of pigs farmers do not have any form of security on their farm. No gate to the farm, nobody on site, farm not fenced, farm manager staying far from farm. If this situation pertains in your farm, its not too late to tighten the security around your farm. Other form of security breach are discussed below;

Renting Your Boar or Crossing Your Sows in Another Farm

It is not very advisable to rent your boar out to cross sows or gilts in another farm. It is a lapse in security of your animals. I have seen a farmer loose all his animals because his neighbour took his females to another farm to be crossed, unfortunately, they contacted African Swine Virus thereby affecting all the animals in the farm. Over 300 pigs died due to this mistake. Just Yesterday, a colleague sent his boar out to another farm to service some gilts, before it got to the farm, the huge boar died on the road. Stress of handling during the transportation probably killed it.

No Bio- Security on Farm

A lot of farmers do not have any form of Bio-Security on their farms. People go in and out of their farms at will, And this is another serious lapse in security that can lead to deaths of animals. Anything going in or out of the farm ought to be disinfected.  Any disinfectant could be used to disinfect anybody going to the farm. Even vehicles bringing in food or water to the farm must be disinfected since Lot’s of diseases are being spread by transportation. Therefore it is necessary to consider the importance of cleaning and disinfecting  vehicles.

Quarantine Period For New Animals

Farmers should have a room to keep newly purchased animals for a while before they are introduced to the main farm. This quarantine room will give the farmer ample time to observe the animals critically for any disease, Some also do not collect the veterinary report on animals they intend to purchase, These are serious lapses in security that can cause you big time so buy from only reputable farms and also, ensure the veterinary officer conduct comprehensive test on the animals to ensure it is disease free.

I bought this pig to supply to a client. Its just by God’s grace that my herds are okay because i took a big gamble. I have already lost one of them but if i have done due diligence, i should not be in this situation.

In conclusion, all i am saying is that pig business is money business. So don’t gamble with your investment and ensure you protect your investment.

If you  have about 300 pigs that are 80-100kg (Carcass Weight)  each on  site, the worth of your pigs is about 2.5 to 3 billion old Ghana Cedis, you don’t play gamble with such investment. So you don’t entertain any other pig on your farm and you don’t have to give people favours. Renting your boar out, keeping peoples animals in your site and so on. My old boy use to say that,        ” If your kindness go kill you, don’t offer it”

How to Prepare Quality feed for your Weaned Pigs

February 15, 2015

Feeding accounts for almost 80% the cost of producing pigs to market size. Unfortunately, most pigs farmers still want to feed their animals left over from chop bars and grass. Others too in their attempt to cut down cost feed them only malt waste from the brewery and cassava peels. If you want to benefit from pig farming, you need to feed your animals like how the poultry farmers feed their birds. Prepare feed for them.

Another major challenge is that most farmers give all the pigs the same kind of feed. So if it is malt and cassava peels, every  animal on the farm eat malt and cassava. But ideally, starters, growers and sows should be given entirely different feed for optimum growth.

Preparing Feed for Starters

After weaning your animals, they ought to be given nutritious feed for them to grow quickly. Ideally, a pig should reach 100kg in six month  after weaning. Unfortunately, most farmers rear their pigs for close to one and half years before getting close to 100kg. This pig below gave birth two months ago and it  is about 8 months old but weighs less than 25kg.

Malnourished 8 month sow
Malnourished 8 month sow


Below is a starter feed formula given to my good friend pig farmer in Akuse. Pig farmers can use it to prepare feed for starters to make them pick up well. You can use rice bran in place of wheat bran.













SOYA CAKE (Grind again)






PALM KERNEL CAKE  (Grind again)



CUPRA CAKE              (Grind again)
















1 KG



Total weight of this formulation  is 1046 kg and it will cost about  GH1300.00. All these ingredients can be purchased at Ashaiman Timber Market.

How to feed your weaned  Piglets

Another mistake most farmers make is that in their bid to control cost, they feed their animals reduced quantity of feed so that the feed can last long. The right thing to do is to note that each piglet should receive a quota of 0.5kg of feed every day. So suppose you weaned 100 piglets. below is the table of the quantity of feed you have to give them daily.



If you can follow this plan religiously, then know you can attain 100kg easily in six month. But if you want to play management with your feeding, then expect to raise a pig like the one above.


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