Starting a Pig Farm in Ghana

Pig farming business is booming in Ghana presently because of high demand of pork especially as foreigners visits the country in search of new business opportunities. Demand in Accra is so  huge that pig  farmers cannot meet the growing demand for pork.

Demand for pork in Ashanti region i learnt is also very huge. Farmers can take this opportunity to try the pig business since poultry is less lucrative due to the high frozen chicken that is imported into the country.

What does it take to Start a Pig Farm

Pig farming demands capital and it really depends on what size you want to start with. After three years of growing maize, i decided to start my pig farm this year and the cost estimate of the pig sty is no joke.

The land is already paid for. I want to start with 8 females (gilts) and two (boar) males  and this is what the plan of my  pig sty looks like

Cost estimate for Building materials and Workmanship

    Two tipper load of stone (Single axle) 200 400
    Two Tipper load of sand (Single axle) 100 200
    Five hundred 6″ Blocks 1.2 600
    50 bags of   Cements 13.0 650
    3 bundles roofing    Sheets 200 600
    20 Iron  Rods 15 300
    20 Woods  (2 by 6″) 20 400
    8 Wire Gauze   (4 by 8ft) 15 120
    Workmanship   from start to finish 1000
    TOTAL 4270

    So to build the sty and buy 8 piglet,  I am looking at roughly GH4500.00 which is equivalent to about $3000.00. You don’t have to start on this scale if you don’t have the cash to start. You can start with at least one and grow up your pigs because i believe in small beginnings. The biggest challenge is however getting a decent place for the pigs to stay.

Don’t forget that as they increase in weight and size, the pigs are very strong so they can pull down any weak structure.  A good source of water is also very important to the siting of your pig farm. If you can dig a well to get them clean drinking water if there is no tap in your farm, do it.

What are you going to feed you Pigs on?

Pigs eat a lot and it will be very advisable to plan how you will feed your pigs. They will make terrible noise if they are hungry so you need a full-time worker dedicated to feed the pigs. Commercial feeding is not economical but it’s very good to feed them on concentrates mixture once in a while. It is best to feed pigs twice a day. You can however prepare your own concentrate made up of maize, wheat bran, palm kennel  cake and fish meal.

You need to make contact with the brewery company in your locality and purchase the left over wheat and maize that is used in brewery, that is a cheap source of food for the pigs. If you have a secondary school in your locality, request for their left over food.  This must be boiled before given to the pigs.

Cassava can also be boiled mixed with some fish and given to the pigs. To be honest, I think you might have to design a feeding time-table for the pigs.

What am I expecting from my 8 gilt and two boars

I am going to look for cash to see this business through because it is very profitable. I intend to get the females ready for mating after 5 months of rearing them. An average of 8 piglet per female pig (Sow) is expected. At the end of year one, I am expecting 70 pigs. Meaning by June next year, my pigs should be ready for mating and by ending of September, 64 piglets expected.

If I can get 30 to 40 gilt, at least 10 boars would be sold out. By march 2013, all my females would be ready for mating. Lets say each deliver an average of 8 piglets, that is roughly another 400 piglets.  Total population as of December 2013 would be 500. I would give them a good finisher and sell all my pigs at least GH400.00. That will be a cool GH200,000.00.

I would see my profit margin when I do a serious cost analysis on the project, but honestly, I know I can make a lot of good cash if I handle the project well and pray swine fever does not attack my herd.

Are you interested in starting a Pig Farm?

Take the very first step to get your land and build your sty, you can make it if you are committed to the project. The money you would make at the end of a year would set you aside from your peers. Just take the first step and start. It will be better if you have a work doing and you rear the pig part-time.

You will need money to feed them, so just put in part of your income to rear your pigs. If you can get some five to 10 acres to grow some maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, it will help. There are some great books about pig rearing you must read, i will recommend the following books

Raising Pigs

How to raise pigs

If you still need help, contact me and lets chat on the topic. It is necessary to have an online payment card to purchase these books. Go to any bank, Ecobank or Zenith Bank and apply for an online payment card, its free. You can easily pay for these books to get all the necessary knowledge in your new business. The books would be shipped directly to you. Don’t let the online payment be your barrier in acquiring this knowledge.


147 Responses to “Starting a Pig Farm in Ghana”

  1. nyame john Says:

    thank you ulomo for this information. you have given me a fare idea of how to go about my farm. i intend to start mine by the end of feb, 2012.

    one thing i want to ask of you is for you to send me your email address so that i can contact you when i am ready to start my farm. also, if you can give me names/address of individuals and/or companies in ghana who have been successful in such ventures so that i can consult them.

    thank you.

  2. ernest djan Says:

    I need to find out how you built your sty, where is yours for me to book an appointment for a site visit. thanks and wishing you all the best in your journey- good luck.

    • Kow Says:

      I have just finished flowing the concrete floor. am still not through with the building. Its a 32 feet by 33ft building that can give me 8 rooms of 8by8ft and another long room of 14ft by 33ft. I would try and send you the plan and would invite you when everything is completedWould be raising the block and probably roof the structure before the end of the month. When everything is finished and the pigs purchased and transported to site, then I will mail you to come and visit.
      All the best ernest.

  3. joe Says:

    i nid ur phone no.

  4. linus herbert Says:

    how will i get a good gilt and the address of the farm

  5. Kay Says:

    This has been very helpful! How can i get in touch. need a layoout design for the sty.

    • olumo Says:

      What you are about to start will take a lot of money. To minimize cost however I will advice you start with four rooms and a store.
      The Dimensions I used was 10ft by 16ft for each room. Build two of such rooms. The other two should measure 10ft by 8ft. Use one to keep both males and the other as a store room.

      You can add a verander of 5ft wide and build this modest structure and Later on you can add similar structure at opposite end.

      Attached is a jpeg drawing for your perusal.

      You should not spend more than 50mil on this structure if all materials is around.

      Try download pig farming on youtube and see what others in Phillipines, Brazil and around the world are doing.

      You will need to visit other pig farm to steal ideas on their structure.

      But for yours, they need to dig foundation, fill and concrete it and raise it to 5 block course all round. Let them fix pillars which should be at about 8 – 10ft long at the corners of the farm and at possibly 8ft apart and let them roof the building on the pillars

      feeding troughs and water troughs should be build with half block inside the sty, you need to see how others did theirs to get a good idea.

      The problem i can foresee is when your pigs give birth. If all the eight pigs give birth to say ten piglets each around the same time them you will need to create room for eighty piglets and that’s when you might be hot. Start thinking of expansion immediately you buy your 10 pigs

      wishing you all the best

      email me and let me give you a sample sty design on

  6. william yeboah Says:

    Live in london and want start a pig farm.can we link up on e mail.look forward to hear from no is 07979791798.txt me and will call back.thanks

  7. william yeboah Says:

    Can we get in touch

  8. Isaac Says:

    Pls am interested. I want to start some but i need guidance. Pls help me.

    • olumo Says:

      What do you have and what is your aim or venturing into this business, whats your cash like, do you have a land or can you raise loan to build the sty? I might be able to help if I know your starting point

  9. John Jeffrey Nyame Says:

    i really am ready now !! i mean i hav the money and the land…

    all i want to do is see a successful pig farm in ghana so that i can go and learn how it was done. i would also love it if u can direct me to a body, group, agency etc in ghana where i can consult. some books on pig farming in africa esp ghana will also do.

    can u help please!! (0244 767 416) thanks in advance

    • olumo Says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any agency that can help you with your pig farming but i strongly believe the animal research institute of Legon can assist. What do you really have.

      You having the land is good, but where is it situated. Do you have water around and will the stench from the pig farm affect the neighborhood, think about all these.

      I took a forty million loan from the bank and added 20mil of my salary to build my big farm of dimension 33ft by 50ft, I am still not through. I have spent close to 90mil on the structure alone. I think i did it too big. Build something within your capacity and if I may ask, how many pigs do you want to start with?

      With the food and stuff and the breeds, I think we can help each other out. mail me on

  10. joseph fynn Says:

    i like to start a pig farm..i have a land but i dont no the size of it….i am a student how can u help me…

    • olumo Says:

      To do pig farming, you need some cash. Where is the land located and how much can you raise, you can try a buy two females and a male and grow your stock from there. I am sure by the time you finish your national service, the number of pigs you have may have quadrupled. In your case i will advice you start small and grow it.

      All the best

  11. OB Says:

    I am a farmer of 15 sow unit so I realy understand what you are talking about. But the secret is my friend feeding 400 piglets to be sold at 400gh is not a joke becouse one, you will need expansion and also huge hum of money to be able to feed them. Calculate the per kilo of feed each animal will eat and salaries within a period of say 10 months. Then we can start thinking about 200,000gh cash. Wish u visit ma farm one day at Nsawam. For more discussion thank you

    • olumo Says:

      I really wish I can visit your farm and I think I will try. OB, when did you start your pig farm and how have you fared. Hmm, can I rear 400 pigs, do I have the money for the expansion? For the feeding, I have 12 acres of maize farm. I think I will give it a try.

      OB, how much do you sell your 6 months old piglets.

      • John Jeffrey Nyame Says:


        i will like to visit your farm to learn a couple of things from you. i am about to start mine at elmina. i have a vast land which i hav decided to develop just a small (70ft x 59ft) part for the farm. i hav started clearing the land and the block work also. please mail @ so that i can book an appointment. thanks

    • George Says:

      OB, i will be very glad to visit your farm before i start mine for some lessons Please if you can email me i will appreciate it so much.

  12. Harrison Says:

    Hello I have already build the structure and bought 5 female and 1 male I have employ one full worker who have some knowledge about my problem is how open is the market where do I sell them once I increase production I will please need your contact am currently in uk my number is 00447572261632

  13. Richard Says:

    Dear All,

    I would like to start a pig farm on 50 acres. I would want to know which area or location is best to first acquire the land, how much i need to acquire the land and then the setup of the farm. I want to use 48 acres for the farm but will divide among goat and pig farming. Anybody with some idea should kindly help me out. Email me at Thank you.

    • olumo Says:

      50 acres is big. Your farm and the infrastructures for the pig farm would not take more than two acres initially. A lot of decision that you will have to make would depend on the cash in your pocket.
      How many pigs do you want to start with?
      How much do you have for your first pig sty?
      DO you want to grow your own sows or you want to buy piglets from other farms and sell them when they reach market size?
      How much do you really want to put in this business,

      Think about some of these questions, ask other pig farmers about their opinions before your really start. But with what have been through so far, i would advice you start small, gain some experience and grow your swine with time.

  14. kofi Says:

    Pig farming is profitable but…
    There is a lot involved in getting your pigs ready for the market.When it comes to selling your animals its good to get a supply contract with restaurants and chop bars and hotels.It is better to slaughter the animals yourself than sell the animal whole.Its best to find a skilled butcher to carve the pig deftly so you get as little ‘waste’ as possible.Then you are sure to get minimum of 6 cedis a kilo for your 60-90 kilo dress weight pig.
    Proper feeding = Bigger Healthier Pigs

    Its logical to grow food for your pigs but are you going to make more money easily selling your maize or cassava for human consumption?
    My old man told me.. Try not to feed a pig what you can feed a human with.

    • olumo Says:

      I am in a dilemma, i planted maize on a 12 acres land close to where my pig farm is located. I bought some malt before transporting my pigs to the farm. My problem now s that i am being advised not to feed the pigs too much maize because they might grow too big.

      I have reared broilers all my life so i have some knowledge in feed preparation. The idea was to buy some soya bean cake, palm kennel cake with some rice bran to mix it with the maize. So my question is with 7 months gilts that are yet to conceive, what is the best meal to feed them. What proportion of maize should be added to their feed.

      Don’t feed pigs what human beings can eat, presently in modern day pig farming, what alternative do we have?. I have seen other pig farms in the USA and the quantity of maize and soya beans cake used in feeding their animals is not easy. Do you no of any pig farmer with about 1000 pigs in Ghana?

  15. Tawiah Says:

    tanks been ma dream bt i was a bit scared of how to sell nw i tink i have a fair idear. @ OB can u mail me,i stay around amasaman and would like to visit yourr farm so i get a fair idea abt da whole tin.i hav to try and kick start.

  16. peter Says:

    I am trying to finance a friend in Berekum some kind of farming.
    first he thought of chickens but that seems economically not worth while. you just loosing money. pig seems to be a good alternative or maybe goat? how much do you pay for vaccines and how much are pigs anyway? after reading you need to supplement the eating with special pig food as well. is this largely available and for how much? I would really like to make this work but it has to make some sense.
    thank you for any advice

  17. kofi Says:

    Hi olumo, your aim is to get your gilts healthy lean and fertile and most definitely not fat.
    Normally piglets need the richest feed to quickly get to 20kg after which they can be given ‘filler’ i.e. Low quality feed.
    A mix I’m familiar with is 1 bag maize+1 bag soya bean + 20 bags wheat bran
    + lots of clean water!
    given at 2% body weight.

    Just note that pigs generally don’t need too much protein.
    Farmers in the USA can afford to feed pigs maize because its cheaper to grow maize there and they grow much more than they need.Our case is different.
    There is a pig farm in Ashanti,Asamoah and Yamoah Farms..They raise LOTS of pigs!

  18. sakey Says:

    Wow that’s great, great to fined this info, but i have already started my farm a month ago, but i don’t have much money so i have 3 sows and one bore, i think this info is great,

  19. dhurjati das Says:

    i am intrested for pig farming plz guide me….

    • olumo Says:

      everything depends on you. why do you want to enter pig production? what is your cash strength, where do you want to site your farm, how much can you invest in the sty? let me know what you intend doing and i will know the kind of assistance to give

  20. Benjamin Says:

    I am also starting the same project can you please give me an invitation to your farm for practical hands on training.

  21. Nana Birago Says:

    Reading this, is indeed very helpful. I have saved GHC 4,500.00 and have been thinking seriously about pig farming and with this information, I now know what and how to start. I was thinking of having the farm located at my house since there is a lot of vase land, but come to think of it, i will have to buy a land to do that. Thanks a million, i will get in touch.

  22. David Says:

    Great info, i ve really enjoyed reading all the comments above. I wish someone can comment on the ready market and the sales process when the pigs mature for sale

  23. maxwell Says:

    hello olumo i will want to know is there a way to kill the stench from the pig farm knowing if the smell is too much it will provoke neighbours…thank you for all the info

    • olumo Says:

      your best way of managing the stench is to build a biogas digester. It is expensive if you contact an expert to build one for you but if you can download samples from the internet and do it yourself, it will be much cheaper. That is why it not very advisable to start the farm in a community or in town, go to the outskirt of town and start it, in the long term, it will benefit you.

      • maxwell Says:

        OK thank you very much ,so how do you manage to sell the pigs after maturity isn’t transportation going to be extra cost ? and is there ready market for them ??

  24. K. Amoah Says:

    Please I will need to meet you in person and brief me more this matter since I’m very interested.

  25. Sam Mensah Says:

    Sam Mensah Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 4, 2012 at 5:08 am | Reply
    Hi, I have invested alot in pig farming which will start in a couple of weeks. The structure is finish and can take about 150 pigs and piglet, pls I need your advice for which types of pigs I should go for and their feeding method and what have you.

  26. David Says:

    I want to start a pig farm as a part time business. I would like to meet u so we have a chat on it. Thanks alot

  27. Rita Says:

    please contact me am in US and want to start

    • olumo Says:

      What are your plans? Do you want to come to Ghana and start one or you want to invest in a pig farm? Whatever your intentions, email me on and lets have a chat

    • Tawiah Says:

      Hi rit,i hav jst completed da structure to house da pigs and abt to set off.if u are interested then we can be partners dough i wanted it to be a sole proprioter stuff

  28. Tawiah Says:

    oluman whr is ur farm?

  29. frederick Yeboah Says:

    Am 25year Pig farmer in Koforidua.İ have Diploma in General Agriculture and a Bsc in looking forward to talk,assist and join people interested in pig farming in all aspect of pig nutrition,breeding,medication and advise on pig production. cal 0541030503 or

    • olumo Says:

      thanks frederick for your assistance.
      my sows are due to give birth next week, what preparations should i make for the new born. i am working hard to complete where they will give birth. Do you know of any vet in Accra that I can contact?

    • christy Says:

      Pls i am also interested in pigs i want to start in Tamale .pls i need some advice and how to market it

      • olumo Says:

        Start and contact other pig farmers in tamales, I am sure you will not be able to meet the demand. I am 90% sure

  30. frederick Says:

    Newborn pigs have a better survival chance if they arrive in a good clean and sanitized farrowing unit. 1.clean and disinfect the farrowing unit,2.prepare a bedding material 3.make sure you are available to assit weaker piglets and prevent crushing of neonates by sow.4.make sure to disinfect de naval of de neonate after delivery with a tincture of iodine 4.make sure de neonates sackle colostrum from de sow.4.feed de sow with adequate food and water. 4.Desinfect de place again to avoid infections 6.prepare for iron injection and needle teeth cliping. Or u can cal a vert frm LA vertinary head office for assistance or any ministry of food and Agric staff near u.

  31. Rafael Says:

    hey Olumo … Been researching on starting a pig farm…been reading a lot coming across your site is a life saver… I have a piece of land in my hometown, though i dont know the actual dimensions.
    i like to know all that i have to know to start… I am a tutor in a private school school in Ghana with an annual salary of GHC 3000..I run a tutoring service. Looking at your cost break down I think I will take your advice and start small…already contacted a man in my locality who rears pigs. I would like to start with 3 sows and one boar. Any information will be very much appreciated. I am on the quest to be a serial entrepreneur and possibly include a buttery too. Thank you in advance.

  32. Samuel Says:

    Thanks. I am really impressed. It has always been my dream to get into animal farming. I think Pig farm can be my start of point. I already have a land at a good location with good source of water and quite away from town. I have some money as well. Thanks again.

  33. john Says:

    Am planning to move to Ghana to start a piggery. Am presently in Nigeria. I will appreciate any specific information you can share regarding best locations, land acquisition, or leasing pig sty, cost of pig per kilogram etc. I look forward in hearing from you.

  34. eric joe Says:

    HI, am joe. n i wnt to start pig farm business. pls just FLASH me [0242322613] cos i wnt know a lot abt it

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  37. nana kwame Says: really happy reading from this a cat fish farmer, I can now invest in piggary as well. Surely am on my way to becoming a millionaire

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  40. sell a business Says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Extremely helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot.
    I was looking for this certain info for a very
    long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  41. Prince Says:

    i found your site about interesting when i chance on on when i was founding out about pig rearing.
    I would like to know about it setting up,feeding,production etc.
    I am 26yrs and would like to start something with the little i have or raised.

    • olumo Says:

      glad you want to start pig farming. Depending on your pokect, you can start with 2 to 3 sows. There are about 3 to 4 farms from winneba to swedru. For feeding, if you can patrol the secondary schools, you can minimize your feed cost, if you want to really feed them well, maize, wheat bran, soya beans cake, then you will spend about 25 ghana cedis per month on each sow. dont venture into this business if you are un employed. you should have some savings or some source of cash to take care of the animals

  42. paakojo Says:

    how do i find u

  43. stephen Says:

    i am planing of how to start my farm with 8 piglet 6 sow and 2 boars,how many rooms do i need for that and also what shoud i used for building? can i use blocks and wire-mersh?

    • olumo Says:

      you can put all the 8 piglet in one room measuring 8ft by 12ft,you will need 6 smaller rooms for the six sows, 5ft by 8ft will do. you don’t need two boars for a start, feeding two boars is expensive, you can even rent a boar to cross your sows when they come on heat.
      no matter what structure you decide to build, you will spend money, if you have have cash, I will recommend you go for the block building, but if it is limited, start small and spend less on their structure.

  44. kwame andrew Says:

    want to enter pig farming in big scale,do i need corn mill and rice mill in their feeding if i can afford these email

    • olumo Says:

      Yon don’t need either a corn mill Or a rice mill. decide or the number of animals you want to start with and let’s contemplate on their structure. let’s try and get in touch
      all the best kwame

  45. nana kojo ampofo Says:

    I have been wanting to start this bizness for over a year but I can’t find a perfect site and good advice .please can you send me your contact so I come see you for more information on the project.please try and send me your contact because I really need your advice on this

  46. Koo Manu Says:

    Hey guys,
    I am really impressed about this flow of information.

    Putting together a strategic plan for a small scale piggery. Do you recommend going in for a sow / or gilt.

    I am terrified about the feeding of these livestock. What do you think?

    • olumo Says:

      Going for a sow which can be crossed withing a month or two is the best. If you have time, cash and a truck, feeding should not be too difficult.

  47. dominic Says:

    I want to learn more about pig farming pratically

  48. Annor michael Says:

    Can i pls get ur number to call…i hv capital n land..i jux need ur professional advice

  49. Baffour Says:

    Am interested in piggery farm and so how best can you encourage me to come into that business?

  50. frank Says:

    am in ghana,i have already started wit 4 pigs and its improving

  51. Umar Ismail Says:

    Sir,I would like to have a copy of this book.And is there any place I can rent a land in ghana@ kumasi to start this business of pig.? I mean an already made land for pig business that owner do rent out for who want to start d pig business on their own farm with their facilites like d water /pig home and others things in place.So I am thinking of if I can get a place like this in ghana@ kumasi to venture into d business gradual

  52. best pedometer Says:

    Article writing is also a fun, if you be acquainted with afterr that you can write otherwise it is complicated to write.

  53. Nii Says:

    Hi, I am Nii a graduate who just completed my national service . I want to start the pig business and I have been able to secure a plot of land for that .i need your help on the suitable pen for the pigs and how to go about thing since I am new in the field . Pls reach me on 0243910554 and linfear@ .
    That you very much , looking forward to hearing from you ASAP

  54. Thomas Asiedu Says:

    I have the land and want to start with 10 females and 2 males please advise me with the house and cost

    • olumo Says:

      Where is your land? You starting with 10 sows means you have to make plans for expansion quickly. If you get 10 gilts that you can cross in two months, you will have about 80-100 piglets depending on how you keep them. You have to make plans for the coming piglets and that is going to be your challenge.

  55. GYASI ERIC Says:

    My name is GYASI ERIC
    Am really grateful for the advice and guide towards my plans of going into commercial farming.God bless you.
    I intend starting my pig project by the close of 2015 by the will of God.
    I would like to receive more advice and updates.thank you

  56. kofi Says:

    Through pig farming(back yard) farming i was able to buy 4 plots of land at Koforidua. I now want to go into commercial farming. would you please assist me to get the best stock ,

  57. Robert Says:

    You guys are wonderful. I just spoke with Ekow, and it’s been a wonderful experience. My major question is how to reduce the stench to avoid confrontations with neighbors. I am ready to do everything except procuring the mechanical means. Can good house keeping and hygiene reduce the stench?

  58. kwame andrew Says:

    dear olumo,
    would be glade if u could email me ur telephone # to discuss some pigs farming issues ,thanks

  59. Aaron Says:

    thanks buddy for this great revelation on this business. have been thinking of starting this business. would like to keep in touch when i kick start. monitoring the activities of the farm manager would also be a challenge since am a worker

  60. onifade oluwaseun Says:

    Hi sir/ ma, thanks for this opportunity you have given me to express my self, am a pig farmer here in nigeria and very soon am relocating to ghana with the coy I work with in nigeria here,I will want to start pig farming in ghana also cause farming as been part of my life,kindly assist me,my email address as issue for nau my bb pin ois 25A65430.thanks in anticipate.

  61. mantet david Says:

    i am in to pig farming i have about 20 pigs but no read market i want to know if u can be of help. i am in the eastern region nkwakwa area

  62. Eric Adjei Says:

    Thank you very much and God bless you for the kind of heart you have, Sharing means caring.
    Am very greatfull for this insite please i would like to have a chat with you could you forward your contact to me on or 00447722129634

  63. obeng gyasi Says:

    all my dream is to real pig.l love animal farming soo much.l have about 68 pig.and many other animal.but my problem is the building.good be had and strong.

  64. lansa zachariah joel Says:

    Boss i actually wants to start mine but wants an idea on how i can get some of the piglets . My contact is 0244579895 or

  65. justice oteng Says:


  66. Priscilla Says:

    Hi Olumo,
    Why did you say the lady in tamale will not be able to meet the demand in the rearing of pigs?.

  67. Asare Richard Says:

    I want to raise one so i need guidlines. Pls u can also call on +223241312908.
    Thank u hoping to here from.

  68. Zealous Says:

    I have enjoyed reading, i will start mine soon.

  69. Zealous Says:

    can you please paste the size of a pig farm starting with 8 gilts and 2 boars? you said in previous comment to download a JPG of one but could not find any?

  70. solomon Says:

    hi sir i will also want to start my farms i have a fair knowledge about the project and have a very big land at teacher mante of the nsawam road i want to help me if i could help me to find some loan form any financial institution or any body to who is also interested in the business for partnership to add up to my money that i have and just completed my HND and have attend seminar no these project my number is 0249923138 and email is

  71. joseph teye Says:

    Thanks alot for providing this vital info about how to start pig farm. please mr olumo I need your contact so I can learn from you and possibly be my mentor.I want to start my own pig farm. hope to here from you soon

  72. joseph teye Says:

    Thanks alot for providing this vital info about how to start pig farm. please mr olumo I need your contact so I can learn from you and possibly be my mentor.I want to start my own pig farm. hope to here from you soon . my contact is 0542697901 my mail is

  73. sam Says:

    Am told the feed mill is sold in ghana and it cost ghc 4000. how is it true, cause feeding has been my greatest challange. help plis.

  74. Dorcas Beverly Nunoo Says:

    hi Mr Olumo. I’d love to have your contact. Mine is 0243887330

    • olumo Says:

      You can also contact me on 0244092052

      • Dennis Says:

        I hope the info I gathered from this site will help. Hi Olumo, I will not hesitate to contact you should the need arise. Keep up the good work.

      • olumo Says:

        Glad to be of assistance. Hope you will hurry up to join the fraternity of Pig farmers very soon

  75. Kwame Nkrumah Says:

    Hi olumo my name is Kwame Nkrumah I am interested pig farming I have been tfollowing your advice and therefore want to start as soon as possible.Kindly let me know where to get good piglets to commence business I am in Kumasi

    • olumo Says:

      TRy get into contact with the Ejisu Juaben pig farmers association. Or the University farms at Tech. They can get you good breeds

  76. Kwame nkrumah Says:

    Hi Olumo I don’t knowwhy you have decided not to give answers to any question I ask kindly tell me the problem now.

    • olumo Says:

      did not see your question earlier,
      have you got the land? get the land and start with the structure. all the best

  77. Joe Says:

    Hi Olumo, i want to start pig farming and would need your advice as to how to go about it. Joe, Dowenya

  78. ben agyeman badu Says:

    MY NAME IS works in London uk have a farm started at techiman wuuldneedyour mobil number for some help

  79. Tony Says:

    Hi Olumo. Interesting article. A friend told me to start pig farming and so I decided to find out more, and now I am convinced. given that prices have changed since the first estimate, can you give me a new estimate for starting a farm? Sty cost for 10 sows and 2 boars. I already have land near kasoa.

    • olumo Says:

      Hello Tony,
      Because of the training workshop, things are tight now. Will definitely address your questions soon

  80. frank Says:

    hi Olumo considering the recent price hikes can you kindly update the business plan and cost for 10 sows and 2 boars? Also i’m ready to start with 2 plots of land. will that be enough?

  81. Jonathan Says:

    Kobby says,,
    How much will need to start with 7 females and 2 males if I have the land alreafdy

    • olumo Says:

      Do you mean the cost of the animals. Gh6000 can get you 9 70kg animals. but the cost of structure, it varies on what you decide to build

  82. edem Wotordzor Says:

    this is a great piece of information, thanknu so much I have started mine already and it is yielding some great results. I hear u guys have a WhatsApp group I will be glad if u add me. my number is 0542846431

  83. eccow wonder Says:

    hello it abt a month ago of which i became interested in pigs rearing but I was tergeting on 3 pigs 2 female n 1male do u think DAT s good for me ????

  84. albert kobi Says:

    i have started with some pig already, my issue is about the recommended
    breed that will help me make profit. Because the local breed take
    time to gained the recommended weight for the market.

  85. Samuel Says:

    Hi Olumo,
    I am about to start my pig farm, I have a 50ft by 100ft land. Currently mobilising some funds. Can you help with some advise.

    Please add me to the whatapp group. My number is 0208496384.

  86. Ishmael Says:

    good advice I will start mine soon

  87. William Buukinter Says:

    Hi Olumo,
    I have ventured into the pig farm Buz this July. I however did not consider the rate of proliferation as you have have made me to know now. My pig farm is on a piece of land that is next to a residential accommodation. Is it hygienic for the residence close by?

  88. charles akrasi duodu Says:

    Iam planing to start rearing pigs
    The plan just came to me today

  89. mark Says:

    olumo thanks for the information. i have being researching this venture for awhile now and i want start my own pig farm. i want to know if i can get pregnant sow to buy to start my farm and would a pregnant sow cost. hope to here from you.

  90. Eric Bonah Says:

    hello sir, i have ache of land,and i want to start with gilts and 2 boar. But currently am not in the country,please i need your advise,should stop or go ahead.

  91. Yaw Ocran Says:

    Hi Olumo

    Great initiative. I love animal rearing and ready to start pig farming. Yet to buy the land around Kasoa but how do i contact you for more ideas

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