Pig Farm Expenses for the month of July.

Searching for feed for pigs is a full time job. On the first of July, our old bus carted about 25 bags of rice bran from Afienya to the farm at Gomoa Takyeam, GH250 was spent on transportation and feed. With my rice left over which was added to the rice bran, I had some peace of mind for about 3 weeks with the pigs feed.  On the 20th of July, we went for another 25 bags, suprisingly, it lasted for only 10 days to my amazement. 

I know I haven’t really fed the animals well last month,  money is hard to come by in Mahama’s Ghana of late. On the whole, I think I have not spent too much on the animals last month either. below is the break down of my expenditure for the month of July

Rice bran                   50bags                           Gh325.00

Transportation                                                 Gh350.00

Water                                                                  Gh120.00

Rice cake from School                                      Gh90.00

Medicine                                                            Gh20.00

Farm managers Salary                                   Gh150.00

TOTAL                                                               GH1055.00

Amount spent on each pig =  1055/50


I lost 5 pigs this week.  Comparing this amount to what I spent in June, I think I have not overspent last month. I just have to ensure I do not lose any animal again


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