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Feeding Pigs and Making Profits from Your Pig Farm

August 30, 2015

agromacpigs2.jpgFeeding is one of the major challenges pig farmers face. Farmers with less than fifty animals tend to cut down on transportation  by using their private cars to cart food and also feeding their animals more of cassava and  malt.

I visited about five farms over the weekend at Adeiso and i realized majority used malt from Achimota breweries and fruit waste from Blue Skies. The only problem was the fact that all the animals from piglets to matured sow and boars ate the same feed. Such animals will unfortunately take close to 16 months before reaching 80kg. So what are you feeding your animals?

My Experience

My weaners are growingI bought some 50 pigs that were about 7 months old from a neighbor who decided to close down his farm because some thieves stole about 10 matured pigs from the farm. I reared these animals for another 6 months and they still weighed less than 20kg carcass. But their bones were matured.

My point is that the first six months is very important in the life of a pig. If your pigs are piglets in size by six months then you are in trouble. Meaning you will  feed them close to 20 months before you can get close to 70kg live weight. So Invest in the feeding of your weaned piglets.

Weigh Your Animals

It is best if you weigh your animals every two weeks or month ending to see if their conversion ratio of feed to meat is good. Animals with a low conversion ratio should be disposed off quickly.Failure to notice and correct this phenomena will make you loose much.One way of correcting this is by De-worming the animals and giving them multi-Vitamins and Iron.

How to Make Profit from Your Pig Farm

Most farmers are just playing games on their farm. Below are some points on how to increase the profitability of your farm

  1. Buy your feed in Bulk. It is better if you prepare your feed for the month or at least two month and cart them to the farm             rather than buying them weekly. It will save you transportation cost. If you can afford some small truck, buy one.
  2.  Connect pipe to your farm if water is a problem.You increase cost if you buy water for your farm animals .
  3.  Feed your animals well especially the piglets. You can give them broilers starter for two months.  Make it a target to reach             100kg in one year.
  4.  Size is also very important. Start small but grow your farm to be able to handle 10 to 15 sows on the farm. Large number on             the farm reduce the unit cost of the feed and other fixed cost on the farm.
  5.    Get a cheaper source of carbohydrate and also feed all animals some level of proteins. Lack of proteins in diet leads to                 cannibalization especially sows eating all their piglets..
  6.   Weigh your animals before you sell.
  7.    Start with a good breed
  8.    Don’t Joke with Bio- Security
  9.   Get someone to stay on the farm or near the farm.
  10.  Keep proper records.

How to make Pig Farming Profitable?

April 27, 2015

I had a wonderful gentleman who made a cogent analysis of Commercial Pig farming in Ghana. I will encourage other Successful Pig farmers to give their experience as well. Not that i agree with what he said in totality, but the points he made is worth so much.

I’m commercial poultry farmer and I started commercial pig farming in Drobo-Brong Ahafo region recently. I started with 50 sows which will help me produce and sell 1,000 pigs/year.

But by my assessment, commercial pig Farming with commercial feed (average cost =940 GHC-1,200 GHC per tone) will not make this business profitable because of the low pig market price in Ghana (5.00-6.00 cedis per kg live weight).

The only way to make this commercial pig farming profitable in Ghana is to go into meat processing (sausage, hog dog, meat packaging, etc.) or feed your pigs with half inexpensive good Feed (see below ) and half commercial feed/feed formula (no more than 1kg/ day per pig).Feed them with free feed I call inexpensive feed and not paying any worker, doing the work yourself.

The other way to get money from pig farming in Ghana is to have a small farm ( 100-400 pigs). Those who keep saying they make money from pig farming in Ghana don’t know their exact production cost. They don’t even check or calculate the cost per tone, cost per pig for 1 month, two months or even the cost to produce 6, 7 or 8 months old pig. Some even keep their pigs for one year! How can they make money? A Pig eating 2kg formula feed, also called commercial feed will consume 60 kg of feed per month= 480 kg of feed within 8 months. 1kg of feed is 1GHC (Cheapest estimate) then you will be spending 480 cedis on one pig in 8 months. Where are the drugs, the labour cost per pig during the 8 months? How to sell this 8 months pig to make profit?

My advice feed your pigs with no commercial feed in order to make your business viable or go into processing if you have enough fund. I intend to go into pig processing with my 50 sow farm.

If you don’t have any job, you can try your time raising small number of pig and feed them cheap feed not formula feed and make little bit of money. If you factorize your time-free labour- and the feed cost per pig (from farrowing to finisher pig) you not making any good return.

Feeding Your Pigs with inexpensive good Feed:
1. Cassava root can completely replaced maize as energy source for pig. It should be sun dried or socking for 3 days to remove the gynogenic glycosides.
2. Cassava leave is a good source of protein
3. Dry cassava peel (Cassava husk or covers) is also relatively high in fiber. Palm oil should be added to reduce it dustiness.
4. Sweet potato root can be shopped and sun-dried and use as energy source for pig and cooking improve digestivity
5. Sweet potato leave also provide a good protein source for growing pigs.
6. Green banana contain lignin and tanmins and should be shopped and cooked and given as part of feed.
7. Banana leaves and plantain leaves can be fed directly to pigs
8. Groundnut cake and palm kernel cake are good source of protein
9. Papaya leaves are excellent source of vitamins.
10. Papaya fruits excellent source of vitamins. Boil the green Papaya fruits before given it to pigs but the red Papaya fruits can be given to pigs directly.
11. Cocoyam leaves provide 25% of protein to growing pigs
12. Sugarcane plant as pig feed
13. Sugarcane leaves as pig feed
14. Dead chicken from poultry farm use as meat meal= cut into pieces and given uncooked to pigs
15. other

We encourage pig farmers to cultivate banana, Cassava, and papaya, Cocoyam, Sweet potato, and sugar cane, etc. on their farms and use the pig manure to grow these cheap, free feed.

Hurray, Pig Farmers Association Supplies Pork to Accra Mall

March 29, 2015
Cold Van containing 588kg of Pork

Cold Van containing 588kg of Pork

After  chasing for the contract to supply the mall pork for about two years and actually signing the contract to start last December, I was finally given the green light to supply  15 pigs with carcass weight ranging from 50-70kg on 25th March, 2015.

Since I did not have the required weight, I had to travel to Mankessim for the animals. Delivery time was 10.00AM Wednesday morning. We set off  Tuesday night at about 11pm and got to the farm at 1.00AM.  Slaughtering started at 2.AM and oh my God, the work is not an easy one at all. Removing the hairs on the skin was quite tough for us because the water had not reached its boiling point. By 5.00Am, we had dressed only 3 pigs with 12 more to go. I quickly asked the farm owner to arrange for more butchers. He got additional three from the University.

Race against Time

By 10.00 we had only dressed 7 pigs so i quickly called my contact at the mall to tell him the delivery time of 10.00 would not be possible. I pleaded to him to allow me to deliver by 3.00pm. All he told me was that the gates would be closed by 4.00pm so i had to hurry.

By 1.00pm, we had 12 dressed pigs. I had to decide either to kill and dress 3 more and move or only to kill and dress one pig, I opted for the latter and by 2.00pm, we left the farm with the target of getting to the Accra mall latest by 4.00pm.

We were at Mallam junction by 4.00pm and I had to call again to plead for more time. He was furious but still urged us to hurry. We got to the mall at 4.30pm and I just wanted them to offload their pork for me to go home.

Offloading the goods

I was expecting the supervisor to call his boys to come for the pork, I how however suprised when I was told to bring the pork inside to be weighed. What about 4 boys carried and packed at the farm, I and my driver should offload and place on a scale 1m high.  Hmmmm, its not easy oooh, by the time I had carried 4  dressed pigs to the scale, I was panting like someone who had just completed a 100 meter race. After weighing, I was asked again to carry the dressed pork into their cold room and hang them almost three metres high. Walaahi!, that request I told them we cannot do. Since it was my first time too, I just asked one of their attendant to give us a helping hand.

We managed to weigh all the dressed pig and transferred them into their cold room. We had 588 kilogram carcass weight.  My first supply did not yield any profit. But the intention was to get the biggest opening for our pigs. What i supplied i learnt will finish on Friday meaning they consume 600kg in 3 days.

From my simple estimation, It can be deduced that Accra Mall need about 6000kg pork every month. Add the West Hill Mall and the Junction Mall to the equation, you are looking at roughly 16, 000kg worth of pork every month, this is equivalent to 320 eighty Kilograms pigs every month (more…)

Challenges of Supplying the Mall Pork Meat

January 11, 2015
West Hill Mall

West Hill Mall

The joy and excitement of supplying the Mall pork meat waned just after one week when i realized that the work was not an easy task. It becomes even more difficult when you do not have the pigs in your farm. The major challenge is meeting the requirement set up by the authorities of the mall. Some of the challenges of not supplying for the past two weeks were;

Scarcity of Pigs

Shortage of pigs during the past festive season was quite unbearable. Pigs were scarce due to a lot of factors i will not want to enumerate here. It helped push up the price of pork which is a good thing. However, obtaining 10 pigs a week on a constant basis actually forced me to hold on with the contract and prepare well.

Pig Business is Serious Money Business

It is not easy buying pigs to supply. You need to have a good capital base to enter into this line of business. Supplying 40 pigs in a month before being paid is not a fluke. You will need roughly GH30,000.00 to be able to supply continuously for one month. unfortunately, i did not have that kind of cash in last December. I was also strongly advised from going for a loan  from  micro-finance companies.

Weight range of Pigs wanted at the Mall

I have been supplying pigs to some pork joint in my neighborhood for about 3 months now and all the pigs i buy have carcass weight of about 45 – 55kg. My clients want pigs with carcass weight within the range of 60- 70 kg. The animals should also not be fatty. Getting such animals is not easy. In large quantities almost impossible.

Way Forward

To supply within the coming week, i need partnership from  serious pig farmers who have the pigs in Large quantities. I am a very busy person and don’t really have time roaming for pigs to buy to supply. So if you are a farmer out there with pigs within the range of 50kg to 80kg and you have 150 – 200 of such pigs, look for my number on this blog and give me a call. We need to secure this opportunity before it is taken from us.

Advise to Fellow Pig Farmers 

Some of us have been joking as pig farmers. We rear 10 animals and we say we are pig farmers. We need to increase our capacity. If we don’t want importation of pigs, then we need to rear a lot. The minimum animals a farmer should have should be 200 pigs on the farm. Demand is growing and we need serious farmers to help supply. We are starting with 10 pigs a week. It will grow to 50 pigs a week by next year because more malls are coming up.

Getting the weight required  means we have to feed the animals well. A farmer should hit this target in 6 months if the animals are fed well. So pig farmers out there, together we can make this work. So please give me a call if you have the animals and lets do business.

As William Arthur said; Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long you will miss them. Call before it is too late. Happy new year to all my followers.

Hurray, Pig farmers get order to supply pigs to Newly built Mall

December 19, 2014

agromacpigs_thumb.jpgAfter chasing for a contract to supply the Accra Mall for a whole year, luck finally smiled on me today when I was given the contract to supply one of the malls Pork Meat. I am required to get at least 10 pigs with the average weight of 60 to 70kg carcass weight to the mall every week. The carcass should be lean with minimal fat.

What will it take to raise a Pig to that Weight

Raising Pigs profitably depends on the type of breed and quality of feed given. Mistakes most farmer make is to buy just any pigs as breeding stock. Farmers are to ensure they get the right breeding stock when starting their farms. This alone can save them a lot of wasted money. A well fed Large White Pig can attain a weight of 80kg to 100kg in 7 months if fed well.

Unfortunately,  most farmers in their attempt to cut down on feeding cost feed their animals brewery waste (Malt) mixed with cassava. The malt itself is not so nutritious, It contain high fiber with minimal protein. You cannot feed your animals only this combination and expect them to grow well. You only end up producing fatty pig which is not wanted of late. My next article would be on how to feed your pigs well.

My problem right now is how to get the quality pig the malls want. So if you are a pig farmer out there and you have pigs that weigh roughly around 70 to 80kg live weight. Then call me and lets do business, It is an opportunity for all of us, So pig farmers out there, lets make this work.

Increased Demand for Pork meat

Surprisingly, my prediction that there could be shortage of pigs came to pass. I have heard of middlemen going round with KIA trucks looking for pigs to buy and they are not getting. My little research at the malls indicates that they need 50 pigs every week. Aunt Julie kills 30 pigs everyday. Adding all the pork joints, hotels and the smaller marts I can estimate that Accra alone needs about  300 pigs every week.

This translate into 1200 pigs a month and 14400 pigs a year for Accra alone.  Adding Tema’s demand into the equation, you are looking at roughly 20,000 pigs annually for Accra and Tema.  So the question is, if we cannot produce this amount, what option do we leave the government? It will allow importation from Burkina Faso and other countries.

In over two years of rearing pigs, i have not seen a pig farmer with up to 1000’s of pigs and i think  this is the level we pig farmers must strife to attain. Let’s increase our capacity to rear at least 500 to 1000 pigs. If we can get 40 serious farmers with a herd size of about 500, we can supply both Accra and Tema. We just need to grow a lot of Soya beans and Maize as a country. This can be done. Our land is rich, we have water,so what’s our problem. Surprisingly, This amount can be supplied by just one farm in the USA. Obasanjo’s Farms in Nigeria is also producing a lot. Ghana also need the likes of Obasanjo’s who can invest their wealth to feed the nation. Pig farming is lucrative if it is done well.

So coming back to the main issue, we need pigs. So if you are out there with lots of pigs, just call me on 0244092052. I will not start supplying if i am not sure of a regular supply of pigs. I just don’t want to disappoint. That was the only warning I was given. ” We don’t want disappointments and excuses”. If you are also contemplating  starting a pig farm, this is the time to start.You need any help, give me a call. Consultation will not be free next year.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all my blog readers



Middle Men Fight over sale of my Pigs

November 22, 2014

My weaners are growingWonders they say never ends. Last Saturday, I was surprised to see  two middle men from Accra on my farm  who wanted to buy six of the pigs i was actually  reserving for Christmas. Whilst one had cash at hand, the other wanted a 10 day grace period before the money was delivered with the assurance of buying 30 pigs later.

But who sells pig on credit these days? I just followed my conscience and gave it to the buyer with cash since i needed the cash to buy feed. After the sale I wondered a little and started asking myself plenty questions. Why the rush for pigs all of a sudden? What has changed in the pig Industry? Is there shortage of pigs?

Why the rush for Pigs Now?

In the beginning of the Year,  African Swine Fever  wiped out most of the pigs  in Western Region and  in Greater Accra. This has resulted in some farmers folding up and leaving the business all together. Millions of pigs were also culled as a result. Importers also seem to have slowed down on the importation due to the exchanged rate, at a point during the year, the Cedi was almost GH4.00 to a Dollar.

Demand for pigs has also increased significantly due to the opening of the West Hill Mall. Lastly, it seems Ghanaian’s are really enjoying the pork meat because the pork joints have increased significantly. All these factors have increased the demand for meat which is quite short in the system.

So to the farmers who were able to keep the animals well, I believe their cocoa season has come. If you are also contemplating starting a pig farm, now is the time to start because i don’t see the demand coming down soon.

Delivered my First Pork Meat

Last year by this time, i had over 120 matured pigs with nobody to buy. I chased for middle men to purchase my pigs. They all wanted to rip me apart. What options did i have then? And its not a funny thing if you have animals you cannot feed. I had to let the animals go for pittance. So I decided to find my own market. My first option was to open a joint, but the pressure of work will not allow me to handle it well.

So I targeted the pork joints. God being so good, I had my first contract two days ago. I delivered 200kg of pork to two different pork joints in my neighborhood.

Since my matured pigs had finished, I traveled to another pig farm at Nsanwam to buy them at GH8.00 per kilo carcass weight. So if you are out there and you have animals to sell. Just Hala me on 0244092052. Will come to your farm and buy already dressed pig. Its not really about making profit, I just want to create market outlet for some members who have pigs so that when mine is ready, i will already have some market outlets.

Pork Market to be Established

Plans are far underway to establish a pork Market at the Texpo Markets off the Spintex Road. It would afford consumers the chance to buy directly from the farmers. Influence of middle men would be minimized drastically in this business when the pork market is established. Help is however needed since the cost is very high. But if farmers really want to enjoy the fruit of their labour, all hands should be on board to make the pork market work.

Workshop Postponed till January

The workshop for pig farmers has been postponed till January due to financial constraint. Organizing this workshop would cost at least GH3,000.00 which the executives are still combing around for cash. So hopefully in the fourth week of January 2015, The Pig Farmers Association of Ghana would host its first general workshop for pig farmers.


In all, the year has been a good one. Even though we had our challenges, i believe the pig industry is still growing. Pig farmers should come together to make the industry a better one. If you don’t hear from me again this year, then I am wishing all my fellow pig farmers out there a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance.


Pig Farming Challenges and Opportunities

August 2, 2014
Pig Farmers Executives meet Agriculture Minister

Pig Farmers Executives meet Agriculture Minister

It’s been a while since I last posted articles on this blog. I have not abandoned the pig farming business but rather looking for ways and means to make the Pig farmers Association a Stronger one.

We met the deputy minister of  Food and Agriculture in June to deliberate on numerous issues affecting pig farming in Ghana, we were admonished to build a strong database of all pig farmers in Ghana. Other issues deliberated upon will be in my next article.

This year did not start well for pig farmers in general. The outbreak of African Swine Fever in the Western Region caused a lot of farmers to loose their pigs. Pockets of the disease has also caused harvoc in Greater Accra.  What this means is that there is going to be shortage of pigs during the Christmas festivities.  My recommendations for prospective pig farmers, don’t bother yourself to buy gilts, buy piglets and fatten them for Christmas.

More opportunities exist in the pig industry but it is quite unfortunate that every prospective pig farmers wants to rear pig. Marketing of pig products is highly profitable.  I will encourage those who want to invest in this business to seriously consider feed processing and marketing.

Challenges in Pig Farming

High Cost of Feed

The greatest challenge in the pig farming  Industry in  Ghana is the high cost of feed.  Wheat bran in my locality  is  going for about $6.00 per 25kg bag. If the country cannot invest more in agriculture and grow more maize,  then all the hullabaloo about the poultry farmers producing  40% of our meat requirements would remain a mirage.


This is one area most pig farmers take for granted and it has  caused some farmers to loose all their animals.  We allow anybody to visit our farms without any form of disinfectation, we transfer animals to our farms without any check on their health,  we rent our boars out to cross gilts in another farm, These are just a few lapses in our bio security that we take for granted. Pig farmers need to be educated to make them aware of the long term effect of continuously ensuring basic bio security on their farms.

Marketing Agency

Imagine what will happen if we had an agency like COCOBOD in the Pig Industry. I will call it  Ghana Livestock Board. It’s role will be to buy all livestock at an agreed price, process and market. At least it will create a ready market and a uniform price for pig and other livestock all over the country.

No Feed Mill.
Lack of Feed mill is also a major problem. I had to drive for about 3 hours from Tema Roundabout to my farm around Winneba Roundabout to mix feed for my pig. At the mill, I met a poultry Farmer who was coming from Kpando, he claims in that vicinity up to Hohoi, there is no feed mill. Meaning for all the poultry and pig farmers in Volta Region, Central Region and even Western Region, there is no feed mill.
How can we produce in large quantities if we have to spend the whole day preparing one tonne or two tonne of feed? We need help but I don’t think the government is ready yet, so if you really want to invest in Agriculture to help poultry and pig farmers, invest in a feed mill for us.



Effect of African Swine Fever on Pig Farming in Ghana.

January 31, 2014

20130219_081453We were just about starting a pig market in Tema when the news of African Swine Fever in the Western Region of Ghana hit the headlines in Ghana. The news disturbed me a lot because I know the rippling effect it will have on pig farmers. There is a saying that if you see your neighbours house on fire, get enough water ready because your house might be the next to be burnt. Before we can even start
thinking of how to prevent it from spreading to the others regions, I think we ought to investigate how it got there in the first place

African Swine Fever was first reported in West Africa in April 1996 where over 120, 000 pigs were culled in Ivory Coast. They traced the Inception of the disease to a farmer who collected Swill from the leftover of a rich community in Abijan which patronized imported pork products.

The disease soon spread to Benin, Nigeria and Togo before being transferred to Ghana. Thousands of pigs were culled as a result.

How does the disease Start
The warthog and the bush pigs have been identified to be the source of the virus. The warthog and the Bush Pig are found in sub sahara Africa. Transmission of the virus from the Warthog and bush pig to domestic pigs is through the bite of the soft tick or by the ingestion of the warthog or bush pig tissue.

What this really means is that free ranging pigs have the highest tendency of getting infected since they can easily get bitten by infected soft ticks. Once infected, transmission to other pig farms within a wide radius is just matter of days

Movement of Pigs
As has been said earlier on ,infested pigs carrying the African Swine Fever virus should be properly managed to curb a fast breakout of the disease. It is imcumbent on the authorities to put in the right checks and balances to regulate the movements of pigs from one region of location to the other.

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture ensure that vertinary offices at the district and municipal levels are well equiped to assist farmers to conduct the necessary inspections and provide the right documentation needed to transport safe and non-infested pigs to other locations.

The way forward
To protect the pig industry in Ghana, Authorities would have to regulate the activities of pig farmers nationwide. They can start by registering all pig farms or encourage them to join an association. Pig farms that do not meet some basic requirement must be closed down.

African Swine Fever was introduced into Portugal when a pig farmer fed leftovers from an Airport in Lisbon to his pigs. In most European countries, feeding of swill to pigs is illegal and a criminal act.

To protect the pig industry in Ghana, the Government would have to be proactive and pass some laws that can curb or totally reduce the occurrence of the African Swine Fever in Ghana

The issue of free ranging pigs must also be looked at. Most people do not eat pig because they are perceived to be dirty. When they see the animals wallowing in some dirty gutter, their apprehension towards that animal remain for a long time. Apart from the effect it has on the consumers, it is also one of the quickest means by which African Swine Fever can be introduced into the country. It will take some laws to get all pigs out of the gutter. What is our Government doing about free ranging pigs.

We have a long way to go as pig farmers. Whilst we were strategising on how to market our pigs, African Swine Fever shows its ugly head in the Western Region. If things are not done right, it will not take long before it affects pigs in the Central and Greater Accra Region. This is a fight all pig farmers should be prepared for.

The entire industry is hanging in a balance, we need to come together, have one strong voice before our concerns can be considered. Our next meeting is scheduled for the 8th of February, come and lets strengthen the association and plan our next line of action after the introduction of the African Swine Fever in the Western Region.

Pig Farming in Ghana; Review of 2013

December 29, 2013

20131206_142223All too soon we have come to the end of another successful year. Pig farming as picked up considerably in the year 2013. Major problems I foresee in 2014 will be marketing and pig importation.

I started 2013 with 8 gilts and a boar and at December 30th, I have six sows that have given birth twice, thirty five 7 to 10 months old weaners and 45 piglets.

During the course of the year, I with the help of some pig farmers and prospective pig farmers launched the Ghana National Association of Pig farmers. We have met twice with the next meeting scheduled for 8th February.

Challenges of 2014.
We have to brace ourselves for a very challenging but fruitful 2014. The major problem I envisage for pig farmers is lack of market. If we as pig farmers cannot come tigether and start a pig/Pork market, then we are going to be at the mercy of the middle men who will not mind chopping off our heads to maximize their profit.

Honestly, I think we need more guys to enter the processing and marketing section to make pig farming really profitable. So if you are contemplating starting a pig farm and you have cash, lets hook up, from my experience during this Christmas season, marketing and processing is much more profitable.

To all pig farmers in Ghana, to all those who have visited my blog, to all those who supported me when GNAPF was launched, I just want to use this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014

Second General Meeting and Constitution of Pig farmers Association of Ghana

December 8, 2013

20131206_143212Attendance at the second general meeting of the Pig farmers Association of Ghana was quite impressive. About 40 pig farmers were

present. The Ejisu Juaben Pig farmers and Processors Association also sent their representatives. With the enthusiasm most members showed and looking at the calibre of farmers that attended. I am sure this association can stand the test of time if we all put in some small effort and sacrifice time and energy.

The meeting lasted for 4 hours due to some clause which members taught ought to be changed. Some of the issues that were changed includes;

Voting right of Associate members

Some members felt associate members should have the right to vote and to stand for office. After deliberating this issue for close to 30 minutes, the interim president informed the house that according to the company’s Act, Associate members had no voting right and could not stand for office.

Dues of Members.

The president informed the members that the executive alone could not foot the bill of hosting the Association activities, membership dues ought to be collected. This was a thorny issues because to the well established pig farmers association, there was nothing the national association was doing to benefit them hence to them, it will be very difficult for their members to send a quota of their membership dues. After deliberating for close to 45 minutes, it was decided that every member present donates Gh50.00 to aid the activities of the national association.

Signatories to the Account.

Members spent close to 45 minutes deliberating on the issue of the principal person to sign the association’s cheques.  Whilst some members felt any two could sign, others wanted the treasurer to always sign the association cheques.  Interim president however asked members to make things flexible for the executives to run the association.

Refreshments for PFAG Members

Refreshments for PFAG Members

Refreshment and Mini- Pork Show

After close to four hours of deliberating on most of the clauses on the constitution,  members were tired and the pork show created the avenue for some to exercise their jaws. Some executives provided some cakes, meat pie and salad whilst Mr. olumo provided the pork for the show.

On the whole, the meeting was a success. Next meeting date is scheduled for 8th of February.  We hope to organize the greater Accra Branch and the Central Region Branch by then



We, the Members and Associates , in our bid to promote and protect the pig industry in Ghana, and welfare needs of all members, do hereby establish this constitution to strengthen the association through purposeful activities, and be a driving force in the development and marketing of the pig industry in Ghana.

Article 1: NAME The Association shall be known and called “Pig Farmers Association of Ghana” (PFAG) hereinafter referred to as the Association.


The Association shall have its Headquarters and National Secretariat in Accra or such other places as maybe determined by the Annual National Delegates Conference.


The Association is a corporate entity registered under the laws of Ghana, in accordance with the Constitution of Ghana, and shall have perpetual succession and may sue and be sued as a corporate body.


The principal aims and objectives of the Association shall be:

To promote the rearing of pigs in Ghana.

Provide leadership and representation in shaping policy at the National level.

Create a buoyant market for pigs in Ghana and Globally.

To promote the welfare of members of the Association.


The organs of the Association shall be:

District Branch: There shall be in every District a branch of the association which shall be constituted by pig farmers and shall have its Executive Committee elected at a District Conference.

Regional Branch: The Regional Branch shall be constituted by all District branches in the Region and shall have its Regional Executive who shall be elected at a Regional Conference.

National Organ: The Association at the National level shall be constituted by all the Regional Branches and District Branches and shall have a National Executive Committee who shall be elected at a National Conference.


Membership of the Association shall be open to:

Ordinary Members: All pig farmers and all incorporated pig farms. An ordinary member is entitled to vote and stand for elected office

Associate members: Stakeholders who support Pig farmers directly or indirectly. Like Veterinary Officers, Feed and drug suppliers, Marketers and pig processors.

Associate members shall be permitted to take part in such processing and functions of the Association as the resolution shall prescribe or, in default of prescription, as the Executive council shall think fit, but shall not be members of the association in its corporate capacity and shall not have any vote on any general meeting of the association or be counted towards a quorum

Honorary Members: The association in General Meeting may resolve by ordinary resolution that the executive council may admit to honorary membership of the Association to any person, whether or not an ordinary or associate members of the association, who in the opinion of the Executive council has rendered signal service to the association or to any of the objects which the association is formed to promote.

An honorary members shall have the same right as an ordinary member but shall not be liable to pay any subscription to the Association


The admission fee shall be determined from time to time by the Annual National Delegates Conference.

Each member of the Association shall pay dues as determined from time to time by the Annual National Delegates Conference.

A member shall be deemed to be in good standing if he/she is not more than one month in arrears.

A member ceases to be a member of the Association if he/she resigns by writing under his/her hand or causes it to be written on his/her behalf and addressed to the Executive Secretary and copied to the District and Region.

A member ceases to be a member of the Association if he/she fails to pay membership dues for a period of more than one (1) year.


The National Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

The President

The Vice President

The General Secretary

The Executive Secretary – who shall be appointed by the NEC


Financial Secretary

Organizing Secretary

Welfare Officer

There shall be a National Council which shall consist of :

All National Executive Committee members

All Regional Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers.

There shall be a National Delegates’ Conference that shall comprise of:

All National Council members

All District Presidents

One representative from each district

Accredited observers

There shall be Regional and District Executive Committees whose composition shall be similar to that of the NEC in Art. 7:1 except that c) and d) shall be replaced by Secretary and Assistant Secretary respectively.

Regional Executive Committee shall be elected at Regional Delegates’ Conference consisting of all Regional Executive Committee members and five (5) delegates from each district.

District Executive Committees shall be elected at a District Conference consisting of all registered members.


An officer shall hold office for a term of two (2) years but may be subject for re-election for another term only to the same position.

Should any member of the executive resign, vacate his office or be incapacitated or is otherwise unable to perform his duties for the rest of his term of office, the organ of the Association concerned shall within two months appoint another member to act in that office until such time that elections are held. Provided that in the case of the President, the Vice-President shall act and in the case of the Secretary, the Asst. Secretary shall act.



He shall be the head of the Association at that level and shall preside over executive and general meetings.

He shall be responsible for the affairs of the association at that level and below.

Vice President:

He shall assist the President in the discharge of the President’s duties and perform such functions as may be assigned to him by this Constitution or by the President.

He shall in the absence of the President act as the president.

General Secretary:

He shall be the coordinator of all functions and activities of the association.

He shall be the custodian of all properties of the association.

Executive Secretary:

He shall be the head of the national secretariat of the Association.

He shall keep records of all general and executive meetings and shall make minutes of meetings available to members at least one week before the next meeting is held.

He shall in consultation with the President and General Secretary draw up agenda for meetings.


Shall be responsible for keeping the financial records of the Association.

Shall ensure that all monies received/ collected by Financial Secretary be promptly paid into the association’s bank account.

Shall be responsible for preparing half-yearly financial statements for submission to the National Executive Committee. He/she shall be responsible for preparing annual financial statements for auditing by the 31st of January, the next year.

Financial Secretary:

Shall be responsible for the collection of payments from members and all other financial realizations due the association and pay same to the Treasurer.

He shall be responsible to the Treasurer.

Organizing Secretary:

Shall be responsible for the effective coordination of preparations towards functions and the organization of functions of the association.

Welfare Officer:

Shall be responsible for the welfare of members of the association.

Shall be the Chairperson of the Welfare Committee.

ARTICLE 9: MEETINGS The Association shall have the following meetings:

National Executive Committee meeting that shall be held at least three times in a year

National Council meeting that shall be held twice a year.

Annual National Delegates Conference shall be held once a year.

Regional Executive Committee meetings shall be held at least four times a year.

Regional Delegates Conference shall be held twice a year.

District Executive Committee meetings shall be held once every month

District Conferences shall be held four times in a year.

Emergency meetings shall be held at the request of 40% of members at any level of the Association. Members requesting the emergency meeting shall give written notice to the Secretary who will thereupon convene a meeting within a week to be held not later than two weeks after receipt of the notice. The agenda for the meeting shall be clearly stated in the invitation.


Quorum for meetings of the association at all levels shall be at least 25% of membership


The meetings of the Association shall be held at venues to be determined by members at meetings or as directed by a President.


An Executive member may be removed from office by a resolution of the Association passed by at least 75% of members present at a National Council meeting after:

A committee of enquiry appointed by National Executive Committee has recommended same,

Copies of report and recommendations made available to members of National Council,

The officer shall have been given the opportunity to respond in writing whose copies must have been made available to National Council members..


Nominations shall be opened three months before the meeting at which elections are due to take place and shall be closed fourteen days to the meeting date.

All members shall be notified through all means approved by the organ at that level of the proposed nomination and election.


All motions except in the case of a motion under Articles 9 and 15 shall be decided by a majority vote, each member having one vote.

In the event of a tie, the presiding officer shall have a second or casting vote.

Voting at General Meetings shall be signified by the show of hands, which shall be counted, and the results declared by the Presiding Officer.

ARTICLE 15: FUNDS The sources of the funds of the Association shall be: –

Monthly dues.

Contributions to the Welfare Fund.


Any other source that shall be determined by the Association.


The financial year of the Association shall run from January 1st to 31st December.

The final Accounts shall be prepared by January 30th for audit to end by February 29th.

The accounts shall be audited by Auditors who shall be appointed at the last National Council meeting of the year.

The auditors shall submit their report at the first council meeting in March for further submission at the Annual National Delegates Conference.

ARTICLE 17: BYE-LAWS The Association shall be entitled to promulgate bye-laws to guide its administration. ARTICLE 17: AMENDMENTS This Constitution shall be amended by a decision of two thirds (2/3) of members of the Association in good standing at an Annual National Delegates Conference provided that:

notice by electronic mail, writing, radio, TV, whatsapp, facebook, or newspaper advertisement shall be served on each member for at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting convened for the said purpose;

Any member wishing to propose an amendment to this Constitution shall deliver to the Secretary the proposed amendment at least twenty-one (21) days before the meeting at which it is proposed to move the amendment

The Agenda for the meeting shall include the proposal(s) for the said amendment(s).

ARTICLE 18: BANK ACCOUNTS The Association shall operate a Bank Account or Accounts with any Bank of choice in Ghana. The signatories to the account shall be the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Any two of them shall be capable of approving a transaction on the account.

ARTICLE 19: COMMENCEMENT This Constitution shall come into effect on the 6th of December, 2013


Attendance at the Second meeting of the pig farmers Association was quite impressive. About 40 pig farmers and a few  prospective pig farmers were present. The meeting started at exactly 12.00 noon with the absence of most of the executives who were also arranging for the food and refreshment.

We could not exhaust the Agenda for the day because of the long hours we spent discussing the constitution. A lot of changes were also made. On the 8th of February, we would meet to discuss the final draft and probably approve the constitution.

Pig Farmers Association Draft Constitution


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