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Partners Wanted to Invest in Pig Farming

May 21, 2016
west hill mall

West Hill Mall

I have got to a stage where i need a partner to operate a new farm. It has become necessary because of my inability to invest more in the farming business due to other commitments that is swallowing all my cash. Pig farming is still lucrative in Ghana and if one tackles it with the right mindset, one is bound to make substantial profit. In this business also, numbers count.

So if you are a prospective pig farmer and you are just about to start, Let’s team up to do it well. With the experience I have gathered over the past three years in rearing of pigs, marketing, i think we stand a chance of reaching  new height if we team up to do it well. I am already operating a 10 sow farm. But with what i am talking of now, we shall be operating a 20-30 sow farm. The structure that can house about 250 pigs has already been taken care of.

An investor that can handle feeding and assist in marketing is what i need. I cannot put all the details out here. So if you are interested, please send me a mail on to give you the full details.




The Pig Industry in Ghana

April 19, 2016

The potential of pig farming is yet to be fully realized and it will take a conscientious effort from all pig farmers to make things work out fully. The pig industry in Ghana is not so organized with most farmers practicing farrow to finish which leave little room for specialization. I believe in the near future after some of us have laid a good foundation, pig farming would be very well structured.

Why is Pork relatively Expensive in Ghana
Pork meat fetches higher price in Ghana when compared with Nigeria despite the fact that prices of maize and Soya beans cake is far higher in Nigeria than in Ghana. A kilo of Live weight pig is going for $2.5 – $3.0 in Ghana whilst in Nigeria, it is $1.5 -$1.75
Difference in Prices is due to the fact that our Nigerian brothers operate on a different level.

Majority have above 50 sows in their farm. Economics of scale therefore favour them. In Ghana however, the opposite exist. Only few farms can boast of over 40 sows. Inefficiency in the system is quiet high and until we get the basics right and expand. It will be very difficult for us to push up demand with lower price
Is Pig Farming Profitable?
I was asked this question by an upcoming pig farmer today. Is pig farming really profitable? I took a deep breath before I could give him an answer. Pig farming is profitable depending on how you handle the following
• Breeding
• Feeding
• Managements
• Markets
The breed you start with can make or unmake you. I know of two farmers who imported their breeding stock from Australia and the United Kingdom respectively. Breeds from the University farms and Nungua farms are also from a very good parent stock. Your breed should be able to convert the food you give it into meat.

The Feed conversion ratio of pigs is 3-4: 1, meaning when a pig consume 3 – 4 kg of feed, it is expected to gain 1kg of meat. If that does not happen, then you should know there is something wrong.
Management is another factor that can prevent you from realizing your goals in Pig farming. Being an absentee farmer is a big challenge. Yet still, your farm should not be too far from where you reside. The kind of care you give your animals greatly determine your success.

Who will buy your pigs? That is another challenge facing some farmers presently. All of us cannot supply the mall so it is imperative that we find alternate customer for our pigs. There seems to be a disconnection between the pig farmers and the final consumers.We would have to solve this problem head on just as the Tilapia Farmers solved their marketing problem.

Lets’ take our product right to the consumers. Let each region make it a point to have at least 50 pork joints and 10 point where only fresh pork is sold. I supply 200kg of pork to a fellow who has only two pork joints, he sells all within the week. Imagine what volume would be consumed by 50 pork joints.
The Ghanaian consumer should be our biggest client. I call them the sleeping giant. Let’s wake them up. It will take a lot of hype in the media, let them know the benefits of pork, make them aware of the way pigs are being reared presently, let’s organize pork shows and I just pray that when all these are done and demand shoots up, we shall be able to supply continuously else trouble for all pig farmers
Profitability Calculation
In calculation of Profitability, some few assumptions will be made;
• Selling price of Pigs is GH10.00 per Kilo
• Amortized Capital cost is ignored
• Overheads is calculated based on 500 pigs on the farm
• Overhead cost include medication, vet charges, employee salary, transportation, fuel, miscellaneous expenses.
• Piglets were obtained from the from sows on the farm
• Weaning Age is two months at 12kg
• A kilogram of feed is Gh1.00

Average weight gain of Pigs

Birth 3
60 12
80 24
100 36
120 48
140 60
160 72
180 84
200 96
210 102


Calculating feed intake per pig

NEXT 30 DAYS 1  KG 30 30
NEXT 30 DAYS 1.8KG 54 54
NEXT 60 DAYS 2.5KG 150 150
NEXT 30 DAYS 3.0KG 90 90

Overhead per pig

Based on figures obtained from  a colleague pig farmer operating 500 capacity Pig farm, Overhead cost per pig for month is GH7.00.

Hence for 7 months, overhead cost is GH49.00

Total cost of Production per pig  = GH324.00 + GH49.00

= GH373

Expected weight of Pig after 7 months = 102kg

Selling Price of Pig at GH10.00/Kilo           = 102 x 10


Profit Margin = 1020 – 373

=   GH647


Chinese Invading Pig Farming in Ghana

February 14, 2016

Yes, after being sacked from the ‘Galamsey’ business by the security agencies, the next line of business they are entering into is pig farming and my brother, they are doing it big. Information of two pig farms being operated by Chinese in Brong Ahafo  took me by surprise, i taught we had some time to organize ourselves better, improve our breeding and feeding and get a strong foothold in the market, but it seems time is not on our side.

If we as Ghanaians fail to invest into this lucrative business, then foreigners will take over, do it very well and push the few who are struggling to do it out of business. What do we really have to do to make it work?.

Let’s Get the Fundamental Right

Yes, majority are taking this business as a hobby. Record Keeping is still a challenge. But after the workshop we organized in January, there are about 5 major records that ought to be kept on the farm. We have to start earnestly and ensure that we are operating a profitable pig farm

Get a Scale

You need to know if your animals are converting the feed you are giving them into meat. Weekly and monthly weighing is therefore very important. It will give you an idea if you are going to get your desired weight at the end of 6-7 months

Get the right Breed

There has been various talk on our Whatsup platform on the type of breeding being practiced in Ghana . One school of thought suggest that when  you cross a large white with another large white, you are practicing pure inbreeding, a lot of the offspring will show the negative effects of inbreeding. So we need to get some Duroc and Landrace into the system with time to cross most of our Largewhite sows.

We can learn a lot from our Nigerians counterpart who have taken breeding seriously.

Feeding the Right Way

Feeding is still a challenge for most farmers. Some are still feeding malt and cassava peels. If we want to be taken seriously, then we have to start feeding our animals with the right ingredients. The mentality that pigs eat anything must be discarded quickly. Pigs are supposed to be fed based on their body mass. Meaning a 100kg pig ought to eat 5kg of feed a day, we should not play ‘supi supi’ with the feed, lets feed the animals well.

 Grow More Maize and Soya Beans

If you are a pig farmer, it is imperative you grow at least 5 acres of maize for every sow you have on the farm. Availability of maize and soya beans is very important to the survival of our industry.

We have the pig industry to protect. If we cannot come together to join forces, then we should just forget about it altogether because it will take less than 5 Chinese farms to rear all the pigs we have altogether. Posterity will never forgive us if we fail.

naija large white

Large White Pigs From Nigeria










A succesful Pig Farmers Training Workshop

January 29, 2016
Participants at Maiden Training Workshop

Participants at Maiden Training Workshop

After months of postponing the training workshop which was schedule to take place initially in 2015, executives and workshop committee members finally had to put their acts together to ensure it was not postponed again.

My greatest thanks goes to all our sponsors, Seladels Food, Tilly Farms, Olumo Farms, Happy Fm and all those who collaborated to make this workshop a success. Even though time was not on our side, we were able to achieve a lot. Our gratitude to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Dr. Hannah Bissiw) for gracing the program, it made all the difference.

Below is the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Speech at the Program

Group Picture with Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Group Picture with Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Mr Chairman, our dear pig farmers, the media, ladies and gentlemen, I am very grateful that you have given me the opportunity to be part of this training workshop on the theme ” Transforming Pig Farming into income Generating and Professional Business in Ghana” Your theme for this training is in line with the Food and Agriculture Sector Policy Development Policy (FASDEP II) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture which state that, and I quote ” The goals of the Livestock policy are increasing the supply of meat, animal and dairy products from domestic production at the current aggregate level of 30% to 80% by the year 2015; and contributing to reduction of the incidence of poverty among farmers ( who are livestock keepers) from 59% to 30% by the year 2015″

Mr Chairman, as your theme as component of income generation, it is my hope that with good modern farm management practices, income levels will increase from pig production in order to reduce incidence of poverty to 30%, among your pig farmers throughout the country.

Mr Chairman, the opportunities in the livestock sector, including pig production are huge and increasing annually. This is because, Ghana is now a middle income country and the urban population is growing and this population has high demand for meat products, such as pork and its processed products. There are many foreigners in the country that pork is the best choice of meat for them. Our official local slaughter figures for pigs in 2013 and 2014 are 24, 062 and 21, 735 respectively. The total figures will be higher than this, since these slaughter figures only reflect what the veterinary services Directorate records at the approved abattoirs in the country.

Mr Chairman, the biggest opportunity for you is the decreased importation of pork into the country. For instance, the country imported 2, 064, 639kg of pork in 2013 and 904, 996kg of pork in 2014, which indicated a drastic decrease and this deficit will have to be met by your local production of pork.

Mr. Chairman, however, I must admit that there are challenges in the pig industry;

●          Places of slaughter of pigs, since some slaughter houses do not accept pigs for slaughter

●          Well equipped processing plant and storage for pork products

●          A market for live pigs, where farmers can easily sell their pigs

●          High cost of pig feeds and lack of commercial feed mills that formulate pig feed

●          There are no standardization in selling by weight for most farmers

●          Inadequate pig breeding stock, for farmers to have easy access.

Mr Chairman, one of the challenges in the pig industry is technical know-how, which you are addressing today, by organizing this workshop. I highly recommend you for this initiative and hope that you will have regular training on all aspects of pig production.

Mr Chairman, another challenge in pig production is the outbreaks of African Swine Fever. This disease is fatal, with high mortality. This disease hit us hard in the Western region in 2014. However, this disease can be prevented through strict bio-security measures on your respective pig farms.

Mr Chairman, I wish you a successful training and I hope that the knowledge gained in this training workshop will help you to improve your health and husbandry management practices on your farm.

Thank You

Pig Farming in 2016, Our breakthrough is near

January 2, 2016

I will want to use this opportunity to thank all my faithful readers for their support and encouragement over the years. Happy new year to all of you.Pig farmers in Ghana, happy new year to you, your families and your pigs.

2015 was a good year for pig farmers in general, demand was good, price too was good. No major disease outbreak in 2015. We thank God for his mercies.

Greater Accra Executives

Greater Accra Executives

We had our General meeting on the 19th of December at our National office at Sakaman. A lot were discussed. But most importantly, Greater Accra Pig Farmers Association was Launched and interim executives elected. They have been charged to build membership and organize their first general meeting as early as possible.

Order for 1000 pigs a Week in 2017

Whilst members were relaxing on New Years Eve, one of our members broke the news of a  contract he has signed with his foreign partners to supply 1,000 pigs a week starting January 2017. Members were excited and some wondered if this  target could be accomplished.

This deal would further be  would be at the Pig Farmers Training workshop on the 23rd of this month at the institute of Applied Science, Legon to explain all the details of this deal. Do not miss it for anything. Pay up on time to book your sit.

Pig Farmers Training Workshop

The Pig farmers Training Workshop is scheduled to take place at the institute of Applied Science on the 23rd of January, 2016.

Below are some of the topics we are going to discuss at the workshop.

  • Market Opportunity for Pig Farming in Ghana
  • Pig feed and Feed Formulation for all Ages
  • Pig Housing  – I.M.O Floor
  • Pig Farming Economics
  • Farm Record Management
  • Pig Health Management

We shall finish the training program in one day. Participants are to register early.

Registration Fee

Every participant to the workshop will have to pay a token to help us meet the administrative cost of organizing the workshop. Registration fee of Gh100.00 must be paid before the 20th of January. Farm Managers of Members in good standing shall be given a discount.

Mtn Mobile Money Can be sent to Frank Danchie on 0244023322 or save directly into the association accounts  below with your name

Account Name:  Pig Farmers Association of Ghana

Account Branch: Spintex Road

Account Number:   1010106536001

Bank: ADB Bank

Pig farming is going to change drastically in the coming years so it is imperative pig farmers put their house in order so as to maximize profit from this impending pig farming boom.

Whatsup Platform.

Unfortunately, the national platform is filled up. Space still exist in all the ten regional floors, so indicate were your farm is, the number of animals on your farm and leave a comment with your phone number, we shall immediately place you on any of the regional floor.

You can also visit our facebook page and be invited to the pig  farmers association facebook page

If you are having any problem, contact Herbert on 0542722827 to assist you.

A prosperous new year to all my faithful followers



New Date for Pig Farmers Training Workshop

November 16, 2015
First General Meeting of  Ghana National Association of Pig Farmers

First General Meeting of Ghana National Association of Pig Farmers

Interim executives of Pig farmers Association of Ghana had to Postpone the training workshop which was initially schedule to take place on the 21st of November due to the NDC parliamentary elections which was shifted from the 7th of November to the 21st of  November.

The minister and other invited speakers informed the associations secretary of the need to postpone the workshop due to the parliamentary elections

Two new dates were proposed for the training workshop. 4th December  and 23rd  January 2016. Members however opted for the 23rd January 2016 date to ensure adequate planning and publicity.

Pig Farmers Whatsup Platform

The Pig Farmers Association of Ghana has a very active whatsup platform that pig farmers and upcoming pig farmers can learn from. We advise all pig farmers to give out their number so that they can be added to the platform.

Please call Frank Danchie on 0244023322 to add you or leave a comment with your phone number.

We encourage all farmers to register and participate in the upcoming pig farmers workshop.


First National Training Workshop Scheduled for 21st November

October 28, 2015
Pig Farmers Executives meets Agriculture Minister

Pig Farmers Executives meets Agriculture Minister

In 2014, our task as executives was to meet the Minister of Agriculture and to organize a pig farmers training workshop. But after postponing the Pig Farmers workshop for close to a year, the interim executives managed to secure a central venue to host the training workshop on the 21st of November 2015 at the Conference Hall of the Institute of Applied Science, Legon.

Why the need for a Training Workshop

Pig farming is a really good business if it is done well. Before I started my farm in 2013, i researched on pig farming for almost two years. All the knowledge i gathered was only able to take me up to a point. The Economics of Pig farming  need to be understood by any pig farmer and prospective pig farmer in order to make any meaningful profit.

Also, majority of farmers are not able to raise their animals within six month. Ideally, you have to raise 100kg pig in six months, unfortunately, most farmers raise this weight in one and half or two years. Yes, the best you will get id 18 months for a 80kg animals. If you fall into this category, you have serious learning to do

Another major problem we face as farmers is that we are not able to differentiate between the kind of food we give our pigs. There are different types and quality to be given each class of pig. What you give the weaners should be different to what you give the growers and finishers. But in our part of the world, every body eat the same kind of feed. If we buy malt and our regular cassava peels, its ‘y3nko nkoaa’. Every body go chop am till it finishes. You are doing a very wrong thing, you are wasting time and money and you think you are doing farming. Come learn the right thing.

Some people complain about market for their pigs. All the relevant players in the Pig industry would be at the workshop. The pig suppliers to Shoprite will be there.


What medicine to you give your pig and at what age? What vitamins do they need to grow well. Come learn the easier way to grow your pig quick.

Below are some of the topics we are going to discuss at the workshop.

  • Brief History about Pig Farming in Ghana
  • Market Opportunity for Pig Farming in Ghana
  • Pig feed and Feed Formulation for all Ages
  • Pig Housing  – I.M.O Floor
  • Pig Farming Economics
  • Farm Record Management
  • Pig Health Management
  • How to achieve 100kg in Six Months

We shall finish the training program in one day. Participants are to register early.

Registration Fee

Every participant to the workshop will have to pay a token to help us meet the administrative cost of organizing the workshop. Registration fee of Gh150.00 must be paid before the 20th of November. Unlike the Ghana Poultry farmers Association that have been in the System for over 30 years, The Pig Farmers Association of Ghana is just two years old with most of the financial responsibilities lying on the Executives. Its our intention to hold a national congress  in February next year so we can blend with other pig farmers association nationwide. We need a strong body to survive as pig farmers. So please help us to survive.

Mtn Mobile Money Can be sent to Frank Danchie on 0244023322       or save directly into the association accounts  below with your name       Account Name:  Pig Farmers Association of Ghana

Account Branch: Spintex Road

Account Number:   1010106536001

Bank: ADB Bank


Whatsup Platform for Pig Farmers

Are you a pig farmer or a prospective pig farmer, in order to learn more, create market avenue, we currently have a whatsup platform for pig farmers all over the country. So if you want to be on board, please leave a comment with your phone number and I will put you on board immediately.


I once bought a sow which had given birth from another pig farmer at Eyinam. Even though all the arrangement was done on phone and money transferred over mtn mobile money. I could not hide my shock when I saw the animal. It was a real “Skelewu” Pig and that

"Skelewu Pig"

“Skelewu Pig”

is what some of us are doing to this lovely creatures. Its more like a prison camp. We are definitely not doing something right. So please register on time so we can plan well, Nobody should rear a pig like this

Feeding Pigs and Making Profits from Your Pig Farm

August 30, 2015

agromacpigs2.jpgFeeding is one of the major challenges pig farmers face. Farmers with less than fifty animals tend to cut down on transportation  by using their private cars to cart food and also feeding their animals more of cassava and  malt.

I visited about five farms over the weekend at Adeiso and i realized majority used malt from Achimota breweries and fruit waste from Blue Skies. The only problem was the fact that all the animals from piglets to matured sow and boars ate the same feed. Such animals will unfortunately take close to 16 months before reaching 80kg. So what are you feeding your animals?

My Experience

My weaners are growingI bought some 50 pigs that were about 7 months old from a neighbor who decided to close down his farm because some thieves stole about 10 matured pigs from the farm. I reared these animals for another 6 months and they still weighed less than 20kg carcass. But their bones were matured.

My point is that the first six months is very important in the life of a pig. If your pigs are piglets in size by six months then you are in trouble. Meaning you will  feed them close to 20 months before you can get close to 70kg live weight. So Invest in the feeding of your weaned piglets.

Weigh Your Animals

It is best if you weigh your animals every two weeks or month ending to see if their conversion ratio of feed to meat is good. Animals with a low conversion ratio should be disposed off quickly.Failure to notice and correct this phenomena will make you loose much.One way of correcting this is by De-worming the animals and giving them multi-Vitamins and Iron.

How to Make Profit from Your Pig Farm

Most farmers are just playing games on their farm. Below are some points on how to increase the profitability of your farm

  1. Buy your feed in Bulk. It is better if you prepare your feed for the month or at least two month and cart them to the farm             rather than buying them weekly. It will save you transportation cost. If you can afford some small truck, buy one.
  2.  Connect pipe to your farm if water is a problem.You increase cost if you buy water for your farm animals .
  3.  Feed your animals well especially the piglets. You can give them broilers starter for two months.  Make it a target to reach             100kg in one year.
  4.  Size is also very important. Start small but grow your farm to be able to handle 10 to 15 sows on the farm. Large number on             the farm reduce the unit cost of the feed and other fixed cost on the farm.
  5.    Get a cheaper source of carbohydrate and also feed all animals some level of proteins. Lack of proteins in diet leads to                 cannibalization especially sows eating all their piglets..
  6.   Weigh your animals before you sell.
  7.    Start with a good breed
  8.    Don’t Joke with Bio- Security
  9.   Get someone to stay on the farm or near the farm.
  10.  Keep proper records.

How to make Pig Farming Profitable?

April 27, 2015

I had a wonderful gentleman who made a cogent analysis of Commercial Pig farming in Ghana. I will encourage other Successful Pig farmers to give their experience as well. Not that i agree with what he said in totality, but the points he made is worth so much.

I’m commercial poultry farmer and I started commercial pig farming in Drobo-Brong Ahafo region recently. I started with 50 sows which will help me produce and sell 1,000 pigs/year.

But by my assessment, commercial pig Farming with commercial feed (average cost =940 GHC-1,200 GHC per tone) will not make this business profitable because of the low pig market price in Ghana (5.00-6.00 cedis per kg live weight).

The only way to make this commercial pig farming profitable in Ghana is to go into meat processing (sausage, hog dog, meat packaging, etc.) or feed your pigs with half inexpensive good Feed (see below ) and half commercial feed/feed formula (no more than 1kg/ day per pig).Feed them with free feed I call inexpensive feed and not paying any worker, doing the work yourself.

The other way to get money from pig farming in Ghana is to have a small farm ( 100-400 pigs). Those who keep saying they make money from pig farming in Ghana don’t know their exact production cost. They don’t even check or calculate the cost per tone, cost per pig for 1 month, two months or even the cost to produce 6, 7 or 8 months old pig. Some even keep their pigs for one year! How can they make money? A Pig eating 2kg formula feed, also called commercial feed will consume 60 kg of feed per month= 480 kg of feed within 8 months. 1kg of feed is 1GHC (Cheapest estimate) then you will be spending 480 cedis on one pig in 8 months. Where are the drugs, the labour cost per pig during the 8 months? How to sell this 8 months pig to make profit?

My advice feed your pigs with no commercial feed in order to make your business viable or go into processing if you have enough fund. I intend to go into pig processing with my 50 sow farm.

If you don’t have any job, you can try your time raising small number of pig and feed them cheap feed not formula feed and make little bit of money. If you factorize your time-free labour- and the feed cost per pig (from farrowing to finisher pig) you not making any good return.

Feeding Your Pigs with inexpensive good Feed:
1. Cassava root can completely replaced maize as energy source for pig. It should be sun dried or socking for 3 days to remove the gynogenic glycosides.
2. Cassava leave is a good source of protein
3. Dry cassava peel (Cassava husk or covers) is also relatively high in fiber. Palm oil should be added to reduce it dustiness.
4. Sweet potato root can be shopped and sun-dried and use as energy source for pig and cooking improve digestivity
5. Sweet potato leave also provide a good protein source for growing pigs.
6. Green banana contain lignin and tanmins and should be shopped and cooked and given as part of feed.
7. Banana leaves and plantain leaves can be fed directly to pigs
8. Groundnut cake and palm kernel cake are good source of protein
9. Papaya leaves are excellent source of vitamins.
10. Papaya fruits excellent source of vitamins. Boil the green Papaya fruits before given it to pigs but the red Papaya fruits can be given to pigs directly.
11. Cocoyam leaves provide 25% of protein to growing pigs
12. Sugarcane plant as pig feed
13. Sugarcane leaves as pig feed
14. Dead chicken from poultry farm use as meat meal= cut into pieces and given uncooked to pigs
15. other

We encourage pig farmers to cultivate banana, Cassava, and papaya, Cocoyam, Sweet potato, and sugar cane, etc. on their farms and use the pig manure to grow these cheap, free feed.

Hurray, Pig Farmers Association Supplies Pork to Accra Mall

March 29, 2015
Cold Van containing 588kg of Pork

Cold Van containing 588kg of Pork

After  chasing for the contract to supply the mall pork for about two years and actually signing the contract to start last December, I was finally given the green light to supply  15 pigs with carcass weight ranging from 50-70kg on 25th March, 2015.

Since I did not have the required weight, I had to travel to Mankessim for the animals. Delivery time was 10.00AM Wednesday morning. We set off  Tuesday night at about 11pm and got to the farm at 1.00AM.  Slaughtering started at 2.AM and oh my God, the work is not an easy one at all. Removing the hairs on the skin was quite tough for us because the water had not reached its boiling point. By 5.00Am, we had dressed only 3 pigs with 12 more to go. I quickly asked the farm owner to arrange for more butchers. He got additional three from the University.

Race against Time

By 10.00 we had only dressed 7 pigs so i quickly called my contact at the mall to tell him the delivery time of 10.00 would not be possible. I pleaded to him to allow me to deliver by 3.00pm. All he told me was that the gates would be closed by 4.00pm so i had to hurry.

By 1.00pm, we had 12 dressed pigs. I had to decide either to kill and dress 3 more and move or only to kill and dress one pig, I opted for the latter and by 2.00pm, we left the farm with the target of getting to the Accra mall latest by 4.00pm.

We were at Mallam junction by 4.00pm and I had to call again to plead for more time. He was furious but still urged us to hurry. We got to the mall at 4.30pm and I just wanted them to offload their pork for me to go home.

Offloading the goods

I was expecting the supervisor to call his boys to come for the pork, I how however suprised when I was told to bring the pork inside to be weighed. What about 4 boys carried and packed at the farm, I and my driver should offload and place on a scale 1m high.  Hmmmm, its not easy oooh, by the time I had carried 4  dressed pigs to the scale, I was panting like someone who had just completed a 100 meter race. After weighing, I was asked again to carry the dressed pork into their cold room and hang them almost three metres high. Walaahi!, that request I told them we cannot do. Since it was my first time too, I just asked one of their attendant to give us a helping hand.

We managed to weigh all the dressed pig and transferred them into their cold room. We had 588 kilogram carcass weight.  My first supply did not yield any profit. But the intention was to get the biggest opening for our pigs. What i supplied i learnt will finish on Friday meaning they consume 600kg in 3 days.

From my simple estimation, It can be deduced that Accra Mall need about 6000kg pork every month. Add the West Hill Mall and the Junction Mall to the equation, you are looking at roughly 16, 000kg worth of pork every month, this is equivalent to 320 eighty Kilograms pigs every month (more…)


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